FoxNews Video: Jack Thompson on NIU Shooting

Jack Thompson interviewed on Fox News and blames video games for the NIU shootings. Compares a case to do with Counter strike.

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InMyOpinion5708d ago

I blame the american society.

permutated5708d ago

You know, I agree with Thompson on his policy of not selling games to minors, but this bashing BS needs to stop.

There is no evidence that the kid even plays videogames, but he likes to make assumptions to make himself sleep better at night.

Oh, and F*** Fox News. Bunch of Cu*nts.

fenderputty5707d ago

Mr Jacko is that he spends all his energy doing the wrong sh1t. I mean ... if he spent half of his energy trying to put together education programs for parents about violence and sex in video games or, he tried to come up with a parental control for games or, he just started attacking shops that sell to minors, he would be MUCH MUCH more effective in his mission. He wouldn't look like a douche either.

jaja14345707d ago

I don't particularly want to see one of my 8 year old cousins playing GTA either, but to make it illegal would be unconstitutional. As such any law that would try to do so would also be illegal and earn my instant disapproval.

Rather, I would like to see parents start to act like parents...

masterg5707d ago

Man this Ahole cracks me up.
If computer games is to blame, then why is this an American phenomenon.
I mean we have never had this happen in Asia. We have seen 2 couple of European shooting in the last 10 years or so.

America 30-40: World 2-4.
Makes not sense Jack.

DeadlyFire5707d ago

Jack needs to be beaten to death.

Sex, drugs, and violence on TV does nothing to our brain, but if its in a Videogame it eats away at us and makes us go out take drugs, and rape and kill anyone we see. The logic behind this is utter BS.

Jack Thompson will get a beating from me IF I ever see and reconize him on the street. I have been playing videogames like GTA since I was 12 and watching R rated movies and even porn. None of this has changed me in anyway what so ever.

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LightningPS35708d ago

I think defending video games from him is totally cheesy.

I think this guy offers the greatest compliment to video games.

gaffyh5707d ago

Lol that is so true, he actually promotes games when he says they are violent. Most of the people watching the news probably didn't even know about GTA until he talked about it.

Salvadore5707d ago (Edited 5707d ago )

Violent videogames shouldn't be sold to minors and I fully agree on that subject, but to start making crazy assumptions using a shooting which happened 12 years ago is fully unacceptable. He made similar assumptions regarding the Virginia shooting, but police reports suggested that the killer never owned or played any videogames in his college dorm and I am still waiting for his reply regarding his allegations.