UMD Movies Now 9$ in Canada

Hurry up to a futureshop near you, Canadians. UMD movies are only 8.99$. Check it out.

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amrasmord5901d ago

Only some movies are 9$. Only the ones from WB (i think) are less.

Optimus Prime5901d ago

oh well, i sold mine while ago.

HyperBear5901d ago

I just went to Wal-Mart and theyve got a shelf full of movies. I picked up Family Guy the Stewie Griffin Story and a whole bunch of others. But yea, 9 bucks is a steal. If you arew really into umd's which im not so much of.

MissAubrey5901d ago

cause im guessing its a failure.

kmis875901d ago

They should have been this cheap to begin with. They are lower quality than dvds and they fit more of a niche market. No one wants to pay full price for crap like that.