New Release Video Games: November 11th - 17th, 2012 - Black Ops II, Declassified

The final week before the Wii U hits store shelves is filled with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which will most likely become the biggest selling game of the year before 2012 ends.

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shodan742263d ago

Think I'll take Lego Lord of the Rings over Black Ops 2, personally...

TrendyGamers2263d ago

I think you'll be in the minority there.

Myst2263d ago

Lego games are fun to so I certainly understand.

TrendyGamers2263d ago

They are fun, but I'm a little Lego-ed out right now.

josephayal2263d ago

ur not alone, I'll take my little Pony

Sp1d3ynut2263d ago

That is truly ironic, considering the LEGO franchise is whored-out and milked to death even worse than COD.

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blink30202263d ago

Black Ops 2! Not buying another game this year.

Relientk772263d ago

Looking forward to Black Ops 2 and LEGO Lord of the Rings

zalanis2263d ago

Had to throw my two cents in this conversation by breaking the ice. Ill be getting both lego lotr and blkops2. Get some adventuring with lotr then for a quick multiplayer romp on blkops2. Though it'll probaby b a 5hr quick romp. :-)