Developers: The PSP has "failed"

The boys at GamesRadar explain why they think the PSP has failed...

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power of Green 5901d ago

Sony tried to do to much tech wise and it brought up the cost and it had nothing to offer like fun games.

Sexius Maximus5901d ago

that raw power doesn't make a hit system. The DS is still tearin' it up all over the world.

Deceased5901d ago

Now for the PS3! The game industry is better off without them.

THAMMER15901d ago

But I could not do it. I just did not see any games that made the PSP worth the buck. I've got like 8 friends who have all sold or traded in PSP for 360 games and PS2 games. The PSP is a money trap.

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The story is too old to be commented.