Red vs Blue Season 5

'I have a plan, Sergeant, but we will have to move quick. Listen; whisper, whisper, whisper. Do you think that will work?'

Caboose is back, back with a vengeance....

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headblackman5910d ago

this will be good to see :) BOW-CHICKA-POW-WOW

Siesser5910d ago (Edited 5910d ago )

Great episode, as usual. It's great to see their skill in shooting scenes improve constantly. And never have I laughed so hard at the word "dibs" :D Ahh, it's so worth being a sponsor . . .

crazyman5910d ago

What lame brained twit voted lame on RvB news.

I have still yet to meet a person who didn't like RvB. and have yet to see an episode that didn't impress and amuse

shortyNZ5908d ago

lol sorry just not my thing i guess :p

T-Rac5910d ago

episode 39 is by far the best :D

Siesser5910d ago

It's a legitimate strategeeeee!!

T-Rac5910d ago

'look at all the sleeping people'

and I can't wait till Dusty changes the lame, cool thing then it will stop people like Zoidy being a tad biased...