Let’s Rank The Halo Games, Best to Worst

Kotaku - Let's say you're new to a series. Or are in a position where you're recommending a series to a friend who's never played it. Or just feel like debating the finer points of a franchise with a friend, and deciding which of a big gaming franchise is the best.

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Droid Control2196d ago

1. Halo - the only decent Halo game to date.

crxss2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

oh man i am going to get a handful of disagrees for saying this...

Halo 4, Reach, 2, 1, 3.

4 and reach both have a solid package SP + MP. 2's MP was amazing and is nostalgic. 1 was great, and 3 is good but forgettable.

just my opinion though!

Septic2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

You what? Only Halo 1? Sorry but you're clearly trolling if you mean Halo CE is the only decent Halo game.

Yeah because Halo 2 didn't show the whole WORLD that competitive online multiplayer FPS can work on consoles yeah?

Halo 3 didn't take that a step further with amazing community support and things like Forge, Theatre Mode, 4 player online campaign co-op etc.

Now Halo 4 has upped the ante and really set the standard when it comes to being an amazing all round package- excellent visuals, excellent story, a brilliant and deep MP mode that will last gamers years, Spartan Ops- allowing the continuation of the narrative via online co-op along with all the community support that makes Halo a near untouchable game as far as console exclusive FPS' are concerned.

On-topic, this list is HORRIBLE:

1. Halo Reach- "Easily the pinnacle of the series" Excuse me? How? "Halo: Reach is the tightest Halo game to date, in terms of both its story and its pacing." Absolute nonsense in my opinion.

And Halo ODST above Halo 2, the latter game which really defined console FPS MP? ODST was terrible in my opinion- granted it was more of an expansion pack but Bungie really missed an opportunity to depict ODST's in a meaningful way. Firefight was a good addition mind you but still- this was, by far, the weakest entry in the series.

This is how I would rate it:

1. Halo CE
2. Halo 4
3. Halo 2
4. Halo 3 (Although 2 and 3 are close- Halo 2 had an excellent MP portion whilst 3 went some way to sort out the story problems in Halo 2).

Muffins12232196d ago

halo 4,halo 3,halo 1, halo 2, halo reach

byeGollum2196d ago

I agree that reach is the best

majiebeast2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

I wanted to give Halo a try see what all the fuzz was about so i bought reach and it turned me off the franchise for good. The multiplayer was pretty good but the singleplayer campaign was a trainwreck probably 1 of the worst i have ever played it was boring and repetitive on par with the trainwreck resistance 2.


Yeah now i just need to say that Metroid prime 2 was crap j/k, and i have the trifecta of fanboy hate. Im already at 1 bubble so dont really care.

Resistance 3 on the other hand had a really good single player campaign.

Fishy Fingers2196d ago

Ha, probably won't make us popular, but Resistance 2... *shudders*

grailly2196d ago

c'mon the coop was good :D
then they decided to drop it from the series...

slimpickens2196d ago

Reach was the wrong introduction into the Halo franchise for you. 1 and 2 are the games that really pull you into the universe and oh yeah the commercials and books. In my opinion Reach was had potential but going up againt Red Dead it was clear to me that Halo had lost its soul. Haven't tried 4 yet but if its anything like Reach I'm not going to like it.

LX-General-Kaos2196d ago

1. Halo 4
2. Halo 3
3. Halo 1
4. Halo 2
5. Halo Wars
6. Halo Reach
7. Halo ODST

Intentions2196d ago

Really? Reach? Reach was bad.

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