“We need to kill gameplay” says Ex-People Can Fly dev

The Astronauts developer Adrian Chmielarz, former dev of People Can Fly, explains why developers should “kill gameplay” in order to create a more memorable experience in videogames.

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smashcrashbash3036d ago

What the hell? Kill gameplay? I don't get it?

raWfodog3036d ago

Sometimes the journey is every bit as memorable as the combat or action scenes. In an open world game, it can be enjoyable to just travel the world and interact with the environment and explore. I don't want to just play on rails. There's no replay value in that to me.

SilentNegotiator3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

So long as they aren't those horrible "Dear Ester" type games.

There's "emotion" and then there's indie games created by artists that refuse to learn to program a game beyond walking, but need to show off their 3D modelling somehow.

Regardless, Adrian didn't make the best points or at least didn't make it well. In fact, gameplay easily can be used to add to story and emotion.

I wouldn't expect someone who was a part of at least one of the following....
....Bulletstorm, Gears of War, or Painkiller.... really understand good story telling, anyway.

OmniSlashPT3036d ago

A great example is Uncharted. Damn, Uncharted 2 was a sucess because of that train and building falling sequence, it's still memorable even today.

All you need is to join gameplay and story in a perfect way that it doesn't feel like your playing a game but it doesnt feel like an interactive film either. That's why Unchared 2 was such a success, it was just perfectly paced.

smashcrashbash3036d ago

So is he saying environments should be interactive beyond just the gameplay itself? You mean like in GTA when you go and play darts or Jak 2 when you go hover boarding? If he is simply saying gaming should have a lot more interaction with the environment beyond the main gameplay I am all for it. I loved exploring the city in Jak 2 with the hoverboard between missions but if that is what he meant why say it like that. 'Kill gameplay' sounds like he wants the game to have no gameplay at all.

Pintheshadows3036d ago

What?! Even after reading his reasoning, I still have no idea what he's talking about.

He singles out swimming and riding a horse as not being gameplay. If it's on rails or a cutscene fair enough. In an open world game however, riding a horse or swimming are merely facets of the overall gameplay. They aren't the entire game and they don't have to be. If anything they're designed to add more elements to gameplay overall. By his reasoning driving cars in GTA isn't gameplay.

It seems Adrian Chmielarz still thinks we're in the early nineties and gameplay hasn't evolved since then. He is out of touch and is fitting the trend of indie developers saying idiotic things.

soundslike3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

It makes sense if you can detach yourself from the emotional reaction it might give you. I for one think gameplay always trumps story, but thats exactly why I don't usually look for story in my games.

What he is saying is that if you truly want to deliver a good story, you have to blend all elements together to perfectly serve the narrative instead of "play some gameplay, hear some story, watch some story".

David Cage, even though I don't like his games, earns my respect because he completely understands this point, and has decided to double down on it years ago. Thats what makes Heavy Rain so special and so impactful, the fact that there are no parts where you just kill people for fun, or drive around and crash into things.

aliengmr3036d ago

I have to agree with you on that.

The point wasn't that in order for a game to have a good story, you have to eliminate gameplay. Instead if you want a primarily story driving experience gameplay does get in the way of the narrative.

The article itself was far too short for this sort of topic. The title is even worst as it provokes an emotional reaction that you don't want when presenting this kind of viewpoint.

Not sure who to blame, the dev or the journalist, but the entire point was lost with the use of "kill gameplay".

I personally see this as a good idea for creating story heavy, adventure games, but not for other genres.

SeraphimBlade3036d ago

Somebody never heard of story-telling through mechanics. I can KINDA see what he's saying, but it sounds almost like he's saying that point-and-click adventures are the best way to tell a story. No. That just means you haven't figured out how to properly intertwine story and gameplay.

SamPao3036d ago

Half Life 2 does the exact oposite of what he's talking about, and its great. I see both things, you just have to focus.
For example, VANQUISH is a game that totally lives from its gameplay and its so damn great.
Other games like Heavy Rain are going in a absolute different direction and its also great.
Half life combines the two, Portal also does this great.
Uncharted is an whole other story, there you get gameplay mechanics that are sometimes just made for one moment, I think that is what he's talking about, those are the moments you will remember forever.

Those are examples I can think of right now

GraveLord3036d ago

WTF? No. Go watch a movie.

Nac3036d ago

Yeah, since I can totally interact with that movie...

helghast1023036d ago

And you'll totally be able to interact with "dead gameplay".
Go watch a movie.

Nac3036d ago

So Journey is dead gameplay? My bad, I should have remembered most people want to shut off their brains and just use their thumbs...

NBT913036d ago

You need to get your job back and make Bulletstorm 2, is what you need to do.

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