GameStop Not Taking Wii, PS3 Pre-Orders?

Thinking about getting one of those spiffy new Wii or PS3 consoles this holiday? You'd best start lining up now. GameStop -- America's largest 'videogame only' retailer -- says they're not taking pre-orders on console hardware.

zypher6269d ago

i was debating whether or not to pre-order a PS3 for launch, or wait until Q1 of next year so that Sony can work out all the defects, shortages and possibly (hopefully) announce a price drop. guess now i'm gonna have to wait by default. oh well; i still have GOW, FFXII, God of War 2 etc. to tide me over while i drool in anticipation for Resistance, Lair, Heavenly Sword, VF5, etc.

Sphinx6269d ago

I think it is smart to wait for something that'll be buggier than... I dunno, than an ant farm or something.

calderra6268d ago

I'm pinning this close to the top because I used to work at Gamestop and I got confirmed word from managers and the Sony rep, coming straight from the top.

Gamestop isn't taking pre-orders because Sony and Nintendo won't confirm how many units Gamestop is getting this holiday season. What Gamestop does it takes this number, and only lets the corporation pre-order up to that many units.

They did the same thing with 360, but Microsoft cut shipments AFTER they'd let Gamestop pre-order based on their first shipping estimate.

The company doesn't want to pre-order a unit they can't guarantee for you, so they're probably not going to take pre-orders. Because neither Sony nor Nintendo seem like they'll be able to guarantee numbers.

Optimus Prime6269d ago

zypher. if i was you, just wait till 07 Q1. probably the best idea, then all the bugs and glitches can be fixed

Phenom196269d ago

im gonna try to get 2 of them, me and my friend are gonna be camping out at 2 different gamestops this way i can sell one and keep the other. im sharing the profite with him and we're gonna make a super bundle pack for ebay : )

Sphinx6269d ago

...if you can get 'em, that would be a sweet way to make some extra cash!

THE TRUTH6269d ago

I was thinking the same zypher, I will get one unit on launch day but given the problems I'm having now with my 360 (it's a launch unit) I am going to sell my PS3 on ebay and buy one down the road. Don't get me wrong because I really want the PS3 but I would be pissed to have any problems with it!!

I think it's just a much safer and financially a better choice to sell my first one for much more and enjoy GOW, Phantasy Star Universe Online, Marvel Alliance, FF12, Okami, and of course God of War 2!

zypher6269d ago

yeah, i just got my 360 back in June, and haven't had any problems with it so far (save for the original Fable, which from time to time freezes). i still have my same, original PS2 i got on launch day back in late 2000, and it hasn't given me any problems yet (guess i'm one of those lucky ones). but after a PSP with a few dead pixels, and so many rumors of people having problems with their own PS2, i figure i'd just wait a few months on the PS3. don't get me wrong: i can't WAIT to get one. but i'd be highly pissed if a $600+ system died on me.

Sphinx6269d ago

That means I'll be camping out for my Wii... but let me get something straight: the Wii is coming out on the 19th, a Sunday?!