Why Wii U is a Kids Toy

Why Nintendo's new game system is completely useless to anyone over the age of 12. A parody.

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-Mika-4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

Say what you want but the cow did make some good points. From the cases to the OS. It does make the system look childish. It doesn't have the sophisticated look that Sony or MS gamecases/OS has.

Nintendo is a family/children company. So to the core gamers that buying this system. Expect the OS interface to look childish and expect everything to look kiddy. That just how it is when it comes to Nintendo as you can see from their past handhelds/consoles.

chadboban4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

You do realize that this is EXTREMELY sarcastic right? I mean for crying out loud the description says "parody". I thought you would of gotten that when you read the last line:

"They should make it like Sony does the Playstation, design it for no one. Look at the PS3!"

*Picture of PS3 Super Slim*

"Not a single part of its design process considered the costumer, and that’s why I love it. They focus on the tech, not on stupid things like “concave triggers” and “updating the Dual Shock design to standards that aren’t from 1998.”

"Nintendo still thinks that success comes from giving people something they can use, instead of something that looks good on a tech sheet."

"What idiots."

But why am I even surpised? Of course you'd obviously believe he was being serious because he basically said alot of things that you spew all the time. It's almost like in order to make himself sound like a retarded fanboy he took notes directly from you.

Gr814122d ago

I say Oh Brother because I knew this parody would bring out the trolls such as yourself and not see the humor here and instead go off on a nonsensical rant..such as what you did.

In any case, it was a well written article.

Griffin48714122d ago

You really just fail, don't you? He was being sarcastic. Such a fanboy...

MegaLagann4122d ago

I hope you realize this was a satire making fun of people like you.

stragomccloud4122d ago

Dude. It was a sarcastic article. You always provide loads of laughter.

ronin4life4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

Guys... mika spouts infactual crap all the time, no matter how ridiculous. No matter how crazy. No matter how constantly proven false.

How are we so sure mika is serious? I've been thinking... mika may ALSO be a parody...

dubal-e4122d ago

You were just born to spam and troll wern't you?

JokerFock4122d ago

mika will buy wii u @ launch day...no doubt! lol

Temporary4122d ago

Mika, you might be the most pathetic troll on N4G, next to Evildead.

Thank you thought for making this parody so much more funny than it was meant to be.

metroid324122d ago

Another kid that thinks that Ninty are kiddy if that's true why do Ninty have more of an older audience than Sony with all its teenagers and sub teenagers ect Ninty have the most mature gamers due to owning the late 80's and 90's ect and thats a fact this new generation will only make Sony/Microsoft more obsolete.

WiiUalpha4121d ago

Mika a prime example of the bias on this site... Does nothing but troll but is never banned. If a NIntendo supporter went into a Sony article and said something like Sony is in 3rd place, they would most likely be banned even though it's the truth, but then Sony supporters like Mika are allowed to say whatever garbage they want and nothing is ever done to them.

I'd love one of the mods to explain to me why it is you can only be banned for showing Sony in a negative light no matter how remotely true yet we have Mika,Divine Assault, SHutupand wahtever, and a few others that do nothing positive for this site and only spread ignroance and hate.

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TripC504122d ago

The cow is just upset because it has hooves and can't play video games at all and it is obviously sexually confused. It acts like a bull but its a cow with utters.

FanMan4122d ago

did you even read the the article?

browngamer414122d ago

Obvious sarcasm..kinda funny.

Schawk4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

I love the concept behind the OS , it looks well integrated, haters will be haters tho, watch the rest copy nintendo again.

This is the reason you havent heard anything from the other 2, they are watching how nintendo do there thing, then they copy
all the gizmos built into the gamepad including video chat Wii u gamepad makes ps3 and 360 controllers look like dinosaurs

zebramocha4122d ago

You you can do like six way video chat with the ps eye.

Stroke6664122d ago

But the gamepad comes with the system, not as an expensive add-on. and it does way more than just vidchat

Neonridr4122d ago

wow, that was very funny. Amazingly the article tries so hard to put down the Wii U in ways that actually make it look good instead. Very well written parody!

Sanquine904122d ago

Oke, I am playing on this console:D Let me play with my kids toy:D :D