Lockpicking in Video Games: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Lockpicking seems to be a popular video gaming trend as a game mechanic. From simple "click here to pick this lock" controls to more complicated ones where you have to rotate and hold the right stick while moving and holding the left stick and then clicking frantically on the right trigger and then stand on your head, lockpicking seems to be a common theme in a variety of video games, regardless of genre.

So which games have the best and worst lockpicking experience?

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jd6663742d ago

I'd call it common rather than popular as it's a pain in the arse!!

Kyosuke_Sanada3742d ago

Should have had a picture of Jill Valentine for the thumbnail XD...

Skate-AK3742d ago

It was really easy to lockpick in Kingdoms of Alamur.