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Sony was the first company to truly embrace backwards compatibility when it released the PS2. It was a pioneering move and it helped garner a ton of loyalty for the PlayStation brand. For the first time gamer’s past video games weren’t just disposable toys of yesteryear, but were actually a living breathing collection of games that could play on your new console.The PS2 also used backwards compatibility as a way to artificially extend the shelf life of PS One games by providing upgrades like; texture smoothing and faster disc loading.

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a_bro3789d ago

you know what sony should do?, release a box that allows you to play PS2/PS3 on the "Orbis". If its near imposible to emulate these games via software, then sell that hardware seperately. a box that has the EE/GS and the Cell/GSX. attach it to the back of the "orbis", sell it for $80-100.

Im sure that people would be against the idea, but I think that should alleviate some of these problems, while keeping the "orbis" at a competitive price tag.

wishingW3L3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

or just sell a limited edition premium Sku of the PS4 with BC or something. If the PS4 costs like $400 then sell one with BC at $500 or something.

And I say limited edition because not many people care about BC anyway so a limited edition would be great only for those like me that really care about having all the PS consoles in one place.

MikeMyers3788d ago

I imagine PS+ will handle BC along with Gaikai. It makes sense for Sony to further promote a subscription based model while at the same time offering basic online multiplayer for free.

Amazingmrbrock3788d ago

The ps4 should by all rights be able to software emulate an entire ps2. The ps3 almost can, and any passable four year old pc can so the ps4 should.

Ps3 emulation may be a bit trickier but it's still something i want. Not in an extra box either. If thats the case I may as well keep my ps3.

Brawler3788d ago

Software emulation wouldn't be that bad, since they have all the documents and the inner workings of the ps3. The problem with emulators made by other people is we don't have that we need to find everything and do self documenting on how things work, which takes a tonne of time.

Amazingmrbrock3787d ago

What I meant by not bad is that it would require a tremendous amount of cpu and gpu power from the ps4 because it looks likely that they are abandoning the cell architecture. Though the amd cpu gpu fusion tech they dev kits apparently use sounds interesting. It only might work if they use another full gpu with it. In any case it would only be a close bet for ps3 emulation and would require quite a bit of back end work from sony.

Godmars2903788d ago

What Sony should do, if they plan on advertising a systems able to play 4 generations of games, is deliver a box capable of playing four generations of games out of the box. If online, Gaikai whether its free or subscription, then its not BC.


Damn that is a excellent Idea to be honest with you I never considered glad you read the article though

darthv723788d ago

So the genesis being able to play master system games via the PBC and the 7800 being able to play 2600 games dont count?

adorie3788d ago

Touche. The PS3 could be the first gaming console to run 3 generations of games,spanning almost 20 years, though. I felt spoiled when I first got my PS3 when it had just come out.

3-4-53788d ago

Actually Nintendo was debating weather or not to makes the SNES backwards compatible with the NES. They had the tech for it and the ideas.

wishingW3L3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

if the PS4 goes with the x86 architecture then Sony will have no excuses to not offer PS1 and PS2 BC through software because these already have emulators running on x86 architecture on the PC. And let me say that these emulators play the games much more better than the original consoles.

Now the only issue will be the PS3. An by the way things are looking now Gaikai will be the only solution.

adorie3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

The emulators that play PS1 and PS2 games are great indeed, but take up more computing power than the actual consoles had, just to run the games.

Either way, imo, it would be costly to put Backwards compatibility into the PS4.
Sony should move forward and just worry about current gen games(PS4).
The only sad thing about this, to me, is that the "HD remasters, remakes" have usually been sub-par, but Sony's ability to raise fidelity of their older games have been above awesome, to say the least and I hope if BC is gone and "HD remakes" are our gateway to the past, then I hope more Publishers/Dev Houses put more effort into re-releasing these games.

GribbleGrunger3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I would love for the PS4 to have full backward compatibility but something tells me we may be disappointed. Unless Sony are working on a very powerful emulator, I think BC will be dealt with entirely through Gaikai. Is that a bad thing though? How many people subscribe to Sky so that they can gain access to hundreds of channels they will never ever watch?

'The times are a changing' as the saying goes. A friend of mine often complains about the gaming media and the insistence of a downloadable future, but it's clear that many facets of this business are keen on making that future happen sooner rather than later. Who can blame them, it cuts their costs down dramatically. So what has the above waffle got to do with the topic at hand?

Our obsession with ownership, the fact that we take for granted the tangibility of purchases, has lead us to believe that we will never 'DAMN IT!' ever 'DAMN IT!' accept the idea of owning something that is digital... Something that we can't touch or smell or hear while tapping it against our sweaty palms. This idea is slowly being eroded before our very eyes and yet we still cling onto that old, old notion of ownership.

For instance, the friend I mentioned above, whilst ranting about such an idea stands beside his PS3 with at least 25 PSN titles on it. He also subscribes to Sky and pays for content he'll never own. It's odd then that people see a problem with a subscription fee for Gaikai in order to gain backward compatibility. It's not a huge leap from watching your favourite films, sitcoms, documentaries etc on catchup (and paying for the privilege) to playing you favourite games (and paying for the privilege)

If the subscription fee is reasonable, reluctantly or not, people will eventually succumb to its convenience

Ben_Grimm3788d ago

I like this comment, I fully agree with you. We have already accepted and embraced music going darn near fully digital. I'm pretty sure in the next next gen we will see all digital gaming consoles.

"I think BC will be dealt with entirely through Gaikai."

Again this makes total sense and would be a plus for Sony to offer PS2/PS3 games through a cloud service rather than having the actual tech inside the ps4 driving up the cost .


If its a subscription fee that fine, however publishers are greedy and I doubt they'd take kindly to this model. They more than likely will want to sell access to every game game separately.

Movies are different because they are a watch once you get the whole experience where as games are everchanging thanks to DLC and online. Also there are more cost associated with them, like maintaining update, and online servers.

Besides we all know deep down that game publishers want to squeeze out as much money from us as possible, that the sad truth

GribbleGrunger3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Well, there's the rub. How greedy can they get before people start un-subscribing? We do have a model to judge Sony by though: PS+. I'd say that gives us a decent idea of whether they'll be fair with the pricing, which is why I leant heavily on optimism :)

How companies like EA or Activation respond to Sony's service (if indeed it does eventually exist) is something entirely different though.

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