Sony's First-party Devs Vs. Third-Party Devs Next Generation: Sony-Gamer

For the larger part of this generation Sony have dominated most third-party studios when it comes to graphical prowess. One needs to only look at Sony’s past and upcoming games. Games like Killzone 2 and The Last of Us clearly dominate the majority of third-party games in their respective genres. However with the next generation of consoles approaching this could all change.

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Gr814174d ago

Biggest strength in previous gens (third party support) ultimately became their biggest weakness. As Third Parties are only as loyal as the $. Third Parties largely defined the PS brand, now that multiplatform releases are much more commonplace Sony has been unable to differentiate themselves in a meaningful way from their two biggest competitors.

M$ gets preferential 3rd Party support, Nintendo's first party titles sell 3x as much as Sony's. This coming gen Sony will have their hands full.

Will see how they react to this changing landscape. They've never came into a new gen of gaming as the previous gen loser. Should be interesting.

Ranma14174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

Best developers of all time:


Nintendo EAD (Zelda, Mario Kart)




chrisarsenalsavart4174d ago

They won,t come into the next gen as previous loser.
The parity between x360 and ps3 is so small, that by the end of this gen, sony will probably be on top again.

DiRtY4174d ago

And it only cost them 6 billion USD while MS made a healthy profit with the 360.

Sony clearly "won" against MS.

Cupid_Viper_34174d ago

@ DiRtY

As Bill Cliton put it, it's simple arithmetic.
Sony have not only manage to sell more or less the same amount of consoles as Microsoft, but also did it in less time and at a higher price point.

Secondly, Sony doesn't just sell, PS3s (70 million of them so far) but they also sell, PS2s, PSPs, PSVitas.... I hope this let's you enjoy the scope of the PlayStation Brand a little bit better.

Silly gameAr4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

Well Dirty, it's good to invest in things that matter to gamers, and I don't mean marketing. Plus Sony are willing to take a chance every know and then, instead of playing it safe and relying on a few key franchises over and over again.

As for who "won", well that all depends on the gamer.

Qrphe4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

I wouldn't really call it a weakness per se since they do get every virtual multiplatform release (it might have been however around the year of launch though). I'd consider it more of a weakness for the Wii for example which actually did lack 3rd party support.

xursz4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

As a fan of all games regardless of platform, there's no denying Sony owns some of the best and most highly regarded studios in the business.

Replied to the wrong comment, my apologies.

violents4174d ago

Good article. Being more dev friendly is only going to benifit sony in the long run because with better third party support the consumer will be the clear winner with a larger library of quality games.

But in response to the article itself. I don't think all the devs that had problems with the ps3 architecture are lazy, some are and definetly some have clearly pandered to ms over working a little harder to make their ps ports work properly *cough*bethesda*cough*. Some companies probably just dont have the resources to use the ps3 to its full potential, but there are devs who can and have so we know its possible. I'm just glad sony is making the next console as develper friendly as possible so devs wont have that excuse anymore.

also next gen engines are helping to expedite the development process so games should eventually be cheaper faster and easier to produce. Take a look at Unreal 4 enginee on youtube, it looks amazing.


Thx Guys I really try to approach these articles from a balanced point of view. And provide substance as to why I think the way I think. Hopefully I got my point across in a fair way

GribbleGrunger4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

Perhaps a tad sporadic in it's focus but nevertheless thought provoking, and in my opinion 'thereabouts' in terms of accuracy.

I would have to disagree with the idea that the reason third parties have not emulated first party games is entirely down to the complexity of the PS3 hardware. I can see that a viable argument for the first three to four years, but there has to come a time when developers fully understand why their games are not matching first party in technical achievement.

So what could that missing point be? I think it's actually quite simple. There are two reasons why I believe developers have opted for the poor port option rather than focusing on emulating Sony's own studios:

1/ One glance at the size of Sony exclusives gives you a direct insight into the problem facing third party developers. Increasing the discs costs more and makes it difficult to create a coherent package without necessitating a constant back and forth disc swap; thus linearity is inevitable in the majority of titles or repeated textures to allow for bigger environments.

Yes, Uncharted 1/2/3 are linear in nature, but the diversity in textures and environments is clear to see and as a direct result of only needing to access those assets from one blu-ray disc. Multiplatform developers simply wanted to make the process of creating unified across all platforms and in the pursuit of parity, simply couldn't afford to offer 'more' to PS3 owners.

2/ Developers got lazy. That sounds a very cheap argument because it was used at the very beginning of the PS3s lifecycle when it WAS the difficulty that prevented developers from reaching the heights of first party devs. However, it isn't a cheap argument now. One only has to glance at the sales of games to realise that -- even though a lot of multiplat games are inferior -- these games still sold in reasonably good numbers on the PS3.

What ultimately caused that so called laziness then is the PS3 fan that accepted these ports. I never have and I never will, although I did make the mistake of buying Skyrim. Yes, the PS3 would probably have had less multiplats if people had boycotted these bad ports, but I believe, given time and a blatant warning from Sony fans, these developers would have HAD to get their act together. Basically, they got away with it because they could.

In conclusion: If you want great third party games on the PS4, don't buy inferior ports, wait for the exclusives and wait for third parties to get the message... oh, and don't obsess over who is winning, that will lead to you asking Sony to do silly things.


Gribble do you write for a site? you say some good things. I often look forward to your retorts.

And when i call developers lazy, I just mean they aren't really taking advantage of the PS3. It seems like they are punishing Sony for using Blu-ray by basing their game designs arounds the xbox 360. However in this economy it is the correct move to do.

I know its impossible for anyone to expect third-parties to create two different Sku's of the same game, but it is still sad to see them neglect a technology that sony put in the PS3 to help the advancement of games. Guess it'd be nice to see them take advantage of the blu-ray as its space is vastly underutilized.

and sorry for the sporadic writing I just get excited when i sit down to write. I'm working on honing my craft though

Qrphe4174d ago

>implying good writers write for sites

Oh man, Gribble writes way better than 80% the "gaming journalists" out there.

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ChasterMies8d ago

Please do not put Destiny’s monetization into Sony’s first party games. The monetization is what’s driving players away from Destiny.

just_looken8d ago

The new temp boss is the sony cfo bean counter so i can see this being a thing get every penny.

Cacabunga8d ago

PlayStation officially losing it.. fans will never support gaas games

just_looken8d ago


The new boss did a interview in japan he wants to tap into the mobile market like nintendio so he give 0 fucks about gamers/fans