Fourth-generation iPad smashes PlayStation Vita in raw graphics power

James Pikover of GamesBeat: The newly released fourth-generation iPad from Apple has just surpassed Sony’s eight-month-old PlayStation Vita game handheld in graphical performance, based on an analysis of the iPad’s performance from Anand Shimpi of AnandTech and available knowledge of the Vita.

This latest iPad — which is a tablet, not a dedicated game console — has a more powerful GPU than the PlayStation Vita.

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Snookies123042d ago

I would hope so, the dang thing is going to cost you three times as much as a Vita.... -_- Also, it doesn't have controls (or analogs for that matter). It also doesn't have first party games like Uncharted, Little Big Planet, or Gravity Rush.... I could go on, but you get my point.

Blastoise3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

It makes me sad how many people buy Ipads.
Honestly I just can't find a use in them. What are they for?

brish3041d ago

The iPad is a device that takes money from your wallet, and gives it to Apple!

Based on the sales of the thing it's working really well! ;-)

raytraceme3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

basically nothing. you can do much more on a windows 8 ultrabook/hybrid. Surface PRO is the future of tablets.

The vita's gpu has actual vram thus enabling it to be more powerful than than most gpu's with similar specs. Also we don't know the exact specs of the vita's gpu and why it has the + after its name so this is still speculation.

The ipad is trash and you are better off with the nexus 10 if you really want a tablet.

The profits apple makes says enough for me to never buy their overpriced junk.

Axecution3041d ago

Guys im totally with you that an android tablet is better than the iPad 4.

But the iPad 4 bechmarks higher than the Nexus 10. You can argue benchmarking legitemacy but in terms of hardware the iPad clearly better and that's a fact. Even the screen has a waaay higher dpi.

Despite the inevitable hilarious disagrees ill get, it's true xD

Though the iPad is also more expensive, and locked to Apple.

I also find it funny how everyone here games on consoles yet complains that the iPad is locked to Apple... Kind of hypocritical i dunno. I mean i understand, hate apple but still haha.

raytraceme3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

If you are into pc gaming you know benchmarks aren't everything.

The mali t604 supports ddr3 memory vs a6x ddr2. It also has newer feature sets like OpenGL ES 3.0, OpenCL 1.1,and dx11 compared to the sgx554mp and can have better looking games than it. In terms of raw power (flops) the exynos is better than the a6x.

Grahammad3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

You got a disagree from me at least because you're wrong, the iPad 4 has a DPI of 264. The Nexus 10 has a DPI of 300. Yes the iPad 4 is very powerful still, but I'd wait and see until the Nexus 10 is actually released with final software, as of now it isn't finalized.

Regardless of power though in the end, the iPad is nothing more than a glorified app launcher, with android (4.2 in this case) you have a far more powerful and flexible OS on the Nexus 10 for less money. Easy choice as far as I'm concerned, though I guess you aren't as "cool" if you don't buy something from Apple.

@raytraceme - Correct, the new Exynos is based off dual ARM A15s - extremely powerful, and the GPU is incredible. My only concern is that Samsung's Exynos chipsets are know to be notoriously poorly supported by Samsung developer-wise, leaving out important coding for developers to properly take advantage of the hardware. I hope they fix that this time around and release all the related info in a timely manner because that chip has some serious potential.

Though compared to Apple which gives out 0 information about their in house chips, I guess that point's invalid when comparing the two tablets. lol

DragonKnight3041d ago

Now I wonder how many people are going to justify a $750 price tag and yet still call the Vita expensive.

g-nome3041d ago

Kids love the casual games and touch interface , we have a 3ds , vita and my 8 yr old daughter prefers the Ipad. That is why they sell.

mt3041d ago

it is not sad, people have the choice you can't tell them what to buy what to not buy. (speaking from a person who never owned IPAD product) it is just I hate it when people say it makes me sad when people buy Ipad !!!

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Darth Stewie3041d ago

You forgot to add a new model releases just about every year sometimes twice a year.

Mounce3041d ago

Yea, like, I'd also hope so because Vita is made to last 10 years....and fucking iPads are re-released EVERY GOD DAMN YEAR....

iPad 5th Gen, 6th gen, 7th gen, and ONWARD will no doubt be damn sttronger....'venturebeat. com' Now known to me as a trafficking site of delinquents looking for site hits.

People get Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft consoles for what remains of 1st and 2nd-party exclusives that Aren't found elsewhere....That is where the saying 'Graphics don't mean everything' come in, iPad stronger? Zomg!11! Well, Vita has Sony-games and is made for Gamers, not touch-screen, buttonless Snob-like people who want to be seen as sophisticated, lol.

That's not even mentioning price of it, to those imbeciles who actually buy every fucking generation of iPod, iPhone and iPad when they release....biggest waste of money. It's not even to be considered an Investment at this point.

AlphaJunk3041d ago

The Vita does have those games - too bad they aren't helping sales for the device and the games themselves don't seem to be selling that well for the machine either. Sooo what was your point again?
As for cost - you do get what you pay in this case- you can gamepad adapters for tablets now that work pretty well.

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smashcrashbash3042d ago

Does it have the same controls? No? Then who cares?

Tolkoto3041d ago

I cared before it was cool to care.

memots3041d ago

Hipster are too cool to care man.

Smashbro293041d ago

iPad still loses on the basis that it has no god damn buttons.

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SkullBlade1693041d ago

Even if it had a more powerful GPU than my desktop PC I would still not play it, gaming on a touch screen sucks. (DS excluded since it has buttons too)

memots3041d ago

One does not simply state the obvious on n4g.

r213041d ago

It may be more powerful BUT does it have physical controls? Does it have games that will engage you like Assassin's Creed Liberations and Gravity Rush? No and no :) In my books the vita trumps the Ipad!

Griffin48713041d ago

With all due respect, these first party games aren't helping Vita sales. Third party is just as important and well, that is the Vita's weak point.

RivetCityGhoul3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

its called positioning and marketing. example: it was a stupid idea to put out AC Liberation on the same day as AC3. you tell me which is gonna sell more a game made for 5-6 year old consoles or a game made for 1 year old portable system?heres an analogy: you think darksiders 2 would have sold as much as it did if THQ didn't properly promote it and position it when it had hardly had any competition outside of sleeping dogs? NOOOOO... it common sense. its a problem with sony marketing department not the handheld itself.

r213041d ago

Yes Gravity Rush is 1st party but AC Liberations is made by a 3rd party developer. I believe Ubisoft Sofia made it. Another 3rd party developer that made a vita exclusive was Criterion. There's a bunch more 3rd party developers, both Western and Japanese developers making games for vita.

Theangrybogan3041d ago


THQ are probably not the best company to use as an example atm. Especially considering they recently stated that they consider the sales for darksiders 2 disappointing

DragonKnight3041d ago

@Griffin: GTFO here with your sales B.S. No one anywhere brought up sales until you did you hater. You don't want a Vita then don't get one and keep your sales garbage to yourself. We're gamers, not stockholders.

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