Sears Black Friday ad leaked, discounts on 3DS and Xbox 360

Sear's black friday ad has been revealed online and it has some pretty good gaming deals.

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nevin12169d ago

"$99 32-inch HDTV"

Thats not bad.

mrbojingles2169d ago

If you read closely (and it's hard with the quality of the scan) it says model may vary. So you may have a good chance of getting one since they won't be limited to one model per say, but you also could get a worse model while others get a better one.

SilentNegotiator2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

Don't get too excited. It's probably some crap brands or historically defective models, if they won't say what it is.

jmc88882169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Also it isn't 50 percent off those games alone...only if you buy a system.

Though I wouldn't worry, Assassin Creed always goes on sale, and if you can't make it to a black friday sale, or one of the other sales around xmas or after it, if you have a PC you can pick it up for probably around $33.99-37.99 from a steam winter sale.

Or you could have pre-ordered through Newegg, the PC version, and gotten it for $37.99 (if not in California...for sales tax reasons) plus free $37.99 delivered to you about 48 hours after launch. Or $47.99 for console versions including Wii U.

Of course the super black friday deals always have like 1-5 available, and you have to wake up earlier than the butt crack of dawn to storm the poor guy making $7/hr opening the door sometimes killing them to get the discount. Jingle all the way Arnie style!

Skate-AK2169d ago

I'm just waiting on a sale for PS Vita memory cards.

Bluenuts92169d ago

I know it's ridcioulous how they haven't went down with how bad the vita is selling. I already own one, and do get why it's not selling *3 or 4 great games isn't enough*. I really don't get why the system and the memory cards haven't went down!

Qrphe2169d ago

I need another asap due to PS+ coming to the Vita. I agree, the prices on those cards are too much.