MasterChief28295710d ago

Nice way to whore out Guitar Hero. Keep releasing games based off one band for $100 w/ guitar and you'll make millions and billions in no time. >_>

predator5710d ago

Dream on coming as a download for gh3?!!! yeah baby i need to buy gh3 asap

titntin5710d ago

I can't think of anything worse than a GH game with only aerosmith music. For me, they represent everything that is wrong with cheesy US rock music, and this will be the first game in the series that I will definately NOT buy.
I sincerley hope this is not the beggining of a trend, and activision starts to remember its the diversity of the music in these titles that makes them fun...

sa_nick5710d ago

lol @ activision

Now that Rock Band is out I'm never buying another GH game unless it has something extremely worthwhile.

As long as RB keeps the DLC coming I'm set.

Le-mo5710d ago

Why don't they just add more music through DLC? If they keep releasing a new GH game every year then how many guitars will GH fans have? This is crazy.