Green Throttle Games wants your Android device to become your next console (video)

Early next year, the traditional console giants will face a new challenger in the form of crowd-funded OUYA, and now Green Throttle Games has arrived to show you its take on the future of sofa-based gaming. Founded by familiar names such as Charles Huang of Guitar Hero fame, and Palm's Matt Crowley, the company asks why buy an expensive console when your Android phone or tablet has all the hardware you need? The idea is that not only can you play games on your touchscreen device, but when in range, hook it up to a TV, pair a couple of the Bluetooth Atlas Controllers, and have yourself a makeshift console. Green Throttle is making its own games for the platform, and already has some third-party developers on board, but wants more to bulk up its "Arena" app catalogue. From today, the free SDK is available for download, and hardware development packs -- complete with controllers -- released for purchase, although stocks of these are limited. More news on the consumer launch is expected "in the near future," but while you wait, let the founders walk you through their vision in the video above.

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saoco2914d ago

no... i want a full blown experience on my TV. meaning a great gameplay, story, multiplayer and graphics. i want next gen. SONY, MICROSOFT, NINTENDO.

guitarded772914d ago

Yeah, gaming is about software. The Android thing is something that has potential, but currently a long, LONG way from the quality of dedicated consoles or PC.

Pillsbury12914d ago

When I game on my tv I want a full experience not .99$ mini games I can play everywhere else. Consoles and phone games are different experiences, app games are fun in short bursts but if I want a meaningful experience I fire up my console. Apps will never replace true gaming experiences.

LackTrue4K2914d ago

lol....imagen having a 5,000 dollar setup in your living room, only to play a 99 cent game?!

CommonSenseGamer2914d ago

Its not that tablets aren't capable of the kind of gaming you're a fan of its just that they are not releasing those types of games in mass as yet. Dig around and you'll find some really great gaming on the newer tablets, e.g. Mass Effect Infiltrator and Bards Tale.

I personally love the idea of an all in one device that I can use for console and mobile style gaming.

ginsunuva2914d ago

But my tablet already has hdmi out, and can connect to a ps3 controller via bluetooth. I dont need no gree throttle middlemen.