Three Halo killers in 2008?

So 2008 is upon us (well, it has been for almost a month and a half now) and we're facing a brand new lineup of games. What does this mean for Halo? Well, the reigning FPS champion may be dethroned by the end of the year. Here are three games that Master Chief should watch out for in 2008. Or, for those of you who don't like confrontations, here are three games that you may enjoy if you like Halo! See? Everyone's getting alon

mighty_douche6004d ago

Slightly pointless article, CoD4 chewed and spat out halo quite some time ago.

Relcom6004d ago

What they should say is 3 potential CoD4 killers

MURKERR6004d ago

if you read it correctly it says HALO KILLERS 2008

cod4 came out in 2007! so no its not a pointless article

spandexxking6004d ago (Edited 6004d ago )

what the hell is halo???

she00win996004d ago

are you being sarcastic or are living underground for the past few years...

Bombomb6004d ago

always ready bash or hate. probably didnt even read the article.

imo cod4 will be forgotten once cod5 comes out. halo will be played forever.

ravinash6004d ago


COD4 is ten times the game Halo3 is....and COD5 is being made by different people to COD4, so no COD4 will not be forgotten when 5 comes out.
For starters COD4 is on both PS3 and 360 so more people can play it, and COD4 just feels more adult.

Regret6004d ago

Just like CoD2 wasn't forgoten when CoD3 is released.

Bombomb6004d ago

plus the game is multi-platform which helps sales.

before cod 4 was out Halo 2 and gears of War was raping xbl son.

you'll see..

Delive6004d ago

I think MD's point was more along the lines of "Halo is no longer the cream of the crop and if a game is to be a killer app, it needs to aim for the top. This is why CoD4 is referenced. It has Halo a game only the Die hard Halo fans look to for online FPS fun. I have not played halo in, well, Since CoD4 came out. I may play it again when the new maps go for free. Point is, Halo is no longer the measuring stick.

SurferDude6004d ago

i think halo killed itself some time ago... suicides are sad.

The BS Police6004d ago

People are still buying it and people are still playing all three Halo games.

COD4 has not killed Halo 3, but it is doing surprisingly well competing against Halo 3.

spandexxking6004d ago

i was being sarcastic btw!! as if i didnt know pah!!

Saint Sony6004d ago

You need a bit more than CoD4 to kill Halo franchise. CoD is great franchise but not nearly as celebrated as Halo. Halo is phenomenon.

The game that kills Halo will be something new, it is not going to be a sequel or 4th part of some game franchise that already exists.

witchking6004d ago

Halo 3 is only the second-best shooter out there. COD4 rocks.

Who ever targets "killing" the second best?

sonarus6004d ago

Saint sony is true. The fact that cod4 is a better game than halo really should be disputed considering the mediocre visuals of halo 3 especially. However halo is a phenomenom how many games can look as mediocre as halo and still come out with as much hype and sales as it did??? Halo 3 was a great game i never finished because jst was never a halo fanatic eventually i will finish it though. COD4 is a game i still play online till this day but like saint sony says halo is a phenomenom. If Halo 4 came out lookin like an ps2 game it would still be praised by media and fans alike. Why are they blind? are they confused, sucked in by the hype. i dunno but for a game to do that is not an easy feat

Bad_Karma6004d ago

CoD4 forgotten because of CoD5 ? .. sure because we all just cant wait to get back to World War 2 ,ffs .

wallace10006004d ago

This is definitely a pointless article, all the articles like this are. This xbox game is going to kill this PS3 game or this PS3 game is going to kill this xbox game. Some people need to get a life and stop writing crap like this. This isn't news, it is one person's opinion and depending on which console they support, they are going to have something from that console that will kill something from another console.
Halo 3 is dead?
1,977,627 Halo 3 Games (Last 24 Hours)
Right from bungie.net at 1001h PST

Regret6004d ago

Sorry to interrupt this CoD4 vs Halo, but UT and Quake are much better MP games ;)

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FirstknighT6004d ago

I see games are still trying to kill the king. Funny stuff.

blacsheep6004d ago (Edited 6004d ago )

COD4 already did that,it was actually a very bloody slaughter, where have you been not to have noticed?

FirstknighT6004d ago (Edited 6004d ago )

Sure thing guys. COD4 will never hit the sales of Halo 3. Talk to me next year when people stop playing COD4 while Halo 3 still goes strong. I guess next year will be Gears of War 2 vs. Halo 3.

Let me guess, Sony fanboys say Halo 3 sucks and COD4 is better....SHOCKING! Sorry fellas but Halo 3 won most awards for Best Multiplayer for 2007 by most sites/mags. Just the facts. Take your hate and jealousy elsewhere.

blacsheep6004d ago (Edited 6004d ago )

green with envy dont worry about him.