Dragon Quest X Western Release Possibly Hinted

A press release about Dragon Quest X reaching 400,000 subscribers possibly hides hints to western release

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DA_SHREDDER2268d ago

I need this game. I know it's on the Wii, but I'm getting a WiiU just for this game.

MegaLagann2268d ago

Well we've been getting every main series Dragon Quest game, so I expect we'll get this by mid to late 2013 or 2014.

tweet752268d ago

i only like my dragon quests single player with only a one time purchase fee not monthly fees

MegaLagann2267d ago

Well Dragon Quest IX and Monster Hunter Tri had monthly fees for online, in Japan. But when they came over here they were free. So maybe if Dragon Quest X does come out over here it'll be F2P. We've seen what happens when a company tried to release an MMO over in the west with a fee (see The Old Republic; also known as TORtanic)

belac092267d ago

i would buy a wii for this game.

rataranian2267d ago

Let me guess wii/wiiU and not xbox or ps3?

Deku-Johnny2267d ago

It's a Wii game. Dragon Quest seems to have become Nintendo exclusive over the past few years. It's not exactly a bad thing.

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