Hands on the PS3

Sony sends PS3Mag a PS3. It is real and it works brilliantly. Some more details of the brute in action:

1) It's quiet like a sleeping baby. A barely audible hum. With the TV on you simply can't hear it at all.

2) It's heavy like a planet. No, really. It's impossible to pick up with one hand.

3) It's shiny like a mirror. In fact, it's impossible to take a photograph of it without the flash spanging every picture into a starburst mess. And therefore it's massively prone to fingerprintage too, with the tiny amount of dust in the office magically attaching itself to its surface in seconds.

4) The PS3 joypad is very light and the tilt system is very responsive. We like.

5) The start up is amazingly fast. And game load times were faster than expected. In fact, PS3 does both at about the same speed of PSP. ie, Long load times due to the massive Blu-ray disc? Nope. Simply not an issue.

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kingboy6355d ago

yea dude! awesome.nice find

TheMART6355d ago

Well I would like to say


But why stop at the start up screen? I would like to have seen some footage actually. Did it lock down to much that they didn't show? What reason exactly?

kingboy6355d ago

you guys not buying the ps3,so please for ones sh*t up.Go play live or something jeez!

shoota336355d ago

Man xbox fanboys just keep getting owned lol.We have short loading times and a near silent console unlike another console i know.And dc rider your jealousy and extreme fanboyism is unbelievable.

Anerythristic266355d ago

My 360 really is not loud. I would be honest with you if it was. I can't hear it at all.

Donkey Slayer6355d ago

Very jealous that they are playing motorstorm..
Nice pic of resistance, I hadn't seen that area yet.

Silverwolf6355d ago

and all getting to the start screen isn't a big deal (which took around 15 sec). They should've loaded the actual gameplay to see how long that would take.

Optimus Prime6355d ago

wow. i laugh at you because you think you are king of the world because you think you have the best console. THEY ARE VIDEO GAMES. get a life.

bullet6355d ago

How did xbox fans get owned again???? Regardless of what you heard or what you make up I never hear my xbox...Maybe if I shut off everything in my house and put my ear right on my 360 Iam sure I would then hear it.....

And as far as load times my 360 loads pretty fast.How can you compare it to the ps3 yet have ya played it. Because from what I have SEEN of the ps3 the 360 is just as fast.

So please tell us again how the 360 fan's got owned again.

Grown Folks Talk6355d ago

if somebody likes ms and hates sony, then they probably look at it like this. "Too bad for me. The ps3 loads those games that i can't stand extremely fast. On top of that i can't even hear it while they load. I hate Metal Gear and Final Fantasy, but they start up so quick i think I've changed my mind." if you're a fan of one system, then you really don't care what the other does. if you never want to play a 360 game, why do you care about load times or noise? and finally gametime, look up the word hypocrite, then read your comment to dc rider about being an extreme fanboy.

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