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IGN: "A fresh take on Paper Mario, where stickers drive the gameplay. It's great, but not entirely successful."

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LX-General-Kaos2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

When I had first seen this crafty Nintendo 3DS entertainment exclusive last E3. I knew that Nintendo was on to something rewarding. I heard a lot of flack about "yet another Mario game", but as usual in the world of gaming. Mario has once again delivered in AAA fashion.

Paper Mario Sticker Star will play a heavy part in the future success of the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system holiday and beyond arsenal of Nintendo exclusives. I am happy that Nintendo remains dedicated and hard working. To deliver quality came experiences that the consumer asks for, and some that we did not know we needed.

Rated E For Everyone

-GametimeUK-2994d ago

I for one couldn't agree more. It is easy to see why Nintendo has the best handheld on the gaming market today. Amazing exclusive software like this contribute to elevating the 3DS to heights that other handhelds can not reach.

I have been anticipating this game for a while now. Paper Mario games define the word "quality" and I see this game is no different. An 8.3 is a very delightful score and more than worthy of a purchase from me.

I simply can not wait to play this game along with Luigi's Mansion. I still have to buy Resident Evil too!

The 3DS has something for everyone!

LX-General-Kaos2994d ago

Well said man, and I am also looking forward to Luigi's Mansion 2 as well.

Yodagamer2994d ago

The 3ds has had a great year this year, kingdom heart, resident evil, Mario bros 2, paper mario, and that doesn't include the stuff on e-shop XD

MmaFan-Qc2993d ago

is this about paper mario or a nintendo c0ck stroking festival, im kinda confused.

anyway paper mario is pretty much my only justification for not selling my 3ds, cmon nintendo.. dont be shy ffs, i dont give a shit about shovelwares, give me real good games like this one.

Haha1232994d ago

3DS is just simply the best handheld this gen, such amazing AAA games

stuntman_mike2994d ago

the game looks excellent, but it still cant beat "The Thousand Year Door" my personal favorite.

ronin4life2994d ago

That's what I'm thinking.

Paper Mario WOO!!

TheCagyDies2994d ago

AH!!! I didn't know this was coming out so quick, gotta get my hands on it quick!!!

Moonman2994d ago

I gotta download this, I must have Paper Mario with me anytime I grab my 3DS.

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