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IGN: "LBP Karting isn't an interesting racer and doesn't live up to the expectations set by the franchises that inspired it"

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Merrill3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Ouch. I didn't enjoy the Beta very much, but I didn't expect this.

This review seems to be pretty well below the average score, typical IGN I guess; either way too high a score or too low.

Abash3792d ago

Well it's just a score but the reviewer was way too hard on this game. I have been playing the story mode as I got my copy today and this has all the charm of the main LBPs. The racing is fun, I dont see where he got 'lack of excitement' as a reason to penalize the game because it's pretty awesome especially in the car combat levels.

piroh3792d ago

i wish them all the luck and many hits to stay relevant

as for LBPK, i'll buy it anyway

Outside_ofthe_Box3792d ago

I didn't like the beta so I was expecting low reviews, but a 5 out of 10? Damn, IGN is essentially saying the game is crap.

***"it's pretty awesome especially in the car combat levels."***

Agreed. The combat levels is where I had most fun during the beta.

ShinMaster3792d ago

IGN's is the only low score so far.

Dee_913792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

How come most of the time a game gets a low score ( mainly a ps3 game ) the author always go on about an inner soul thought spiritual mind inner being-esque type of reasoning as to why the game is bad.Never a real solid reason.....Hell you could say you just didnt like it and id be more okay with that than " without ever finding its own voice."type of crap
You go on to make all the little changes from the original 2 LBP some how seem bad yet criticize it for being the same ..
Its little big planet kart racing nothing more...
I dont expect it to get 10's or 9's but a 5 .. Im not even surprised IGNornant

knifefight3792d ago

I love how, when some website posts a low review score of a highly hyped game, forumers come in with the defense of "Yeah well IGN gave it a _____" like it negates the other review, and then when both websites agree, people say "Yeah and I saw IGN gave it a _____" as if that validates the other review somehow. Now there's a low score in which IGN is the minority and people are like "Yeah well IGN sucks anyway."

Here's the thing about reviews...they're all written by humans. Keep that in mind when reading, no matter where it's posted ^_^

Sono4213791d ago

I agree I didn't enjoy the beta too much either.. :/ One thing that I noticed no one really touched on yet was that the driving was SO slow...

killerhog3791d ago

Yeah they gave halo which is still lacking inspiring environments (still bland), innovation (still the same-o same-o) a 9 I believe, but this (lbp karting) lacks "excitement" lol. Everything in halo 4 is predictable and the same. I know different reviewers, I'm using it as a point that reviewers are lacking professionalism and standards.

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Army_of_Darkness3792d ago

And the graphics look very outdated and disappointing as well...

Merrill3792d ago

But a 5? I mean that's a borderline unplayable game at that score; according to IGN.

GribbleGrunger3792d ago

How can cloth, wood or metal look outdated? You DO understand the nature of LBP games, don't you?

ZombieNinjaPanda3792d ago


if 5 is unplayable to you, what do you consider a 2 or a 1? Does that suck the life force out of you and kill you? A 5 is a game that is average, it does nothing very well, but its not a terrible game. There are more numbers on the review score table.

Phoenix_GenmaKen3792d ago

better looking than most xbox 360 games anw so hate more

MattyG3792d ago

@Merrill No, according to IGN's scale a 5 is mediocre. I don't know when a 5 became unplayable. Now a 2.5, THAT's borderline unplayable.

Army_of_Darkness3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

What if I said that the wood, metal and cardboard graphics and textures of LBP2 looks much better than this crap? Would you still disagree?

Reverent3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

@ZombieNinjaPanda, meant to give you a disagree (Accidentally gave you an agree). While yeah, TECHNICALLY a 5/10 means average, the way EVERY scoring system works, dramatically screws things up when they're that low when it comes to an averaging percentage. So if you have a game that gets a 10/10, two 9/10's, and then a 5/10, the first three scores are going to set the average, but that 5/10 is going to dramatically lower the final percentage. So when you take all that into account, yes, a 5/10 is a very low score.

It literally does not matter if the reviewer even states that a 5/10 is meant to indicate an average game, when that score is calculated in a percentage, for example, the way Metacritic works, then that reviewers score is going to lower the final score to a pretty decent extent.

I really hope I don't need to explain that a third time.

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-Alpha3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Well they seem to hark on the new mechanics not being as fun as the MNR mechanics.

As much as I really like seeing Sackboy in a different genre like kart racing, I think I'd have preferred an MNR 2. It had a really unique thing going with its hub, creation, and style that the LBP tone lost. Still, a 5 seems extreme, and the review was expectedly brief for me. Seems to be getting 7-8 everywhere else

Wigriff3792d ago

I liked everything about MNR except for the loading times.

despair3792d ago

I agree MNR 2 would've made a lot more sense, more polish, fixing the issues with the original and enhancing the current karting and creating systems would've made it a potentially amazing game. But this one seems more just trying to capitalize on the LBP name.

Jobesy3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Typical IGN? They just have Halo a 9.8. How is 9.8 below average? Oh meant that they hate Sony right? Smh, get your fanboy the hell outta here. So now unless a game scores 9 even they get called out. Some of you are sad cases.

KentBlake3792d ago

It's not that they hate Sony. They gave Uncharted 3 a perfect 10.

What seems to be happening lately with IGN is that they only seem to like some specific titles from specific publishers. Every single CoD and GTA are perfect games in their book.

And lately they seem really jaded, and complain about everything in games from publishers that don't, well, PAY them. I used to think all this "paying reviewers" was only conspiracy theory, but in the last few months the IGN reviews look really suspicious.

GribbleGrunger3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Mentblake, if you check out Metacritic you will see something very interesting. Look at the scores they've given to all the recent so called 'console sellers' on Vita and PS3 and it makes for an interesting discussion.

He also says that you can't fully customise your racer which is wrong. You can make any vehicle you want and adjust it to your liking.

StreetsofRage3792d ago

Gribble, you used to be a typical troll but did a huge reversal. Now you sound like a real gamer. So please don't go back to the conspiracy theories or the excuses. Its just an opinion. And you should know by now that metacritic doesn't carry any weight.

Only thing you should read in reviews is too see if the game is buggy or glitchy.

kane_13713792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

you are just acting silly!
Go to Meta critic.
This game has 15 reviews so far, 1 is 5 by ign.
3 is 7 and 7.5 Points and amongst them is gamespot.
The rest are all 9s and 8s.
Something is stinking here.
all those people liked it, but this guy, he just didn't!

Old McGroin3792d ago

Funny role reversal in the space of a few hours.
First Halo 4 receives mainly good reviews; it receives a couple of low scores that have strayed from the general concensus and when 360 fanboys cry foul play all the PS3 fanboys only focus on these couple of low scores and talk about how all the high scoring reviews were paid off and how the low scoring reviewers are only being honest and genuine.
Now, LBP Kart receives a good few high scores and when some sites mark it down PS3 fanboys call foul play and discuss how those reviewers are paid off or 360 fanboys, completely forgetting their argument that the low scoring reviewers are only being honest.
I'm not aiming this at anyone in particular above me by the way, just wanted to point it out somewhere!
I wouldn't be getting my knickers in a twist over a karting game anyway, Mod Nation Racers was one of the first games I got for my PS3 and, while it had it's moments, it taught me that when it comes to karting games the only ones that seem to have a bit of magic star a certain Italian plumber.

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mcstorm3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I agree I was not impressed with the Beta it just felt too slow and flat.

I am a big MNR fan I got it for the PS3 and did get it for my PSV but I felt not having MP on it let it down on the PSV so I sold it.

I was also looking forward to getting this on the PSV as I thought All Stats and this were going to be cross PS3/PSV but then I found out it was not on the PSV.

Im not quite sure how United Front Games have managed to mess up LBP Karting as it sounds like they have used the same formula as MNR but some how gone wrong with it this time round.

I think ill be getting Sega All Stars for the PSV rather than this for the PS3 this time round.

But that said this is the 1st review I have seen of the game so have to have a see what other people say.

NeverEnding19893792d ago

Personally, I'd give two additional points (7/10) if the price was reduced to $40, which I think better represents its true worth

csreynolds3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Having watched/listened to the review, I'd say it's a fair score. I don't think you can just say "typical IGN". The reviewer does justify his criticisms, and being a massive fan of ModNation Racers I would say that LBP Karting is a step backwards - in many respects. Why limit car customisation options? Why is there no auto-populate in Course Creator? Why make multiplayer more difficult to access than it was in MNR? Why is there no online ranking system or progression?

This review is below the 'average' score, but that doesn't automatically mean you should discount it. I too had my concerns in the Beta, and by the looks of it United Front Games has made a kart racer its indirect predecessor supersedes.

*anticipates disagrees for not following the herd*

PinkFunk3792d ago

I don't understand why Modnation Racers wasn't better received. I thought it was really great. Had such a blast playing it with my friends - all of us yelling and hollering at the screen. Whew man, was good fun.

I think going for LBP Karting was a silly idea. I suppose they thought they'd merge the two franchises and because of the popularity of LBP it would work better in their favor, but I think going with MNR2 (as Alpha suggested) would have been a better idea. It had everything going for it and could have been improved upon, bolstering another unique IP.

NastyLeftHook03792d ago

yeah i agree, just trust reviews for what they are. i mean halo 4 got 5/10 and even a 2/10, people are going to have disagreements on littlebigplanet karting, its just the way it is. im not mad, its someones opinion.

JaredH3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

The same reviewer gave Modnation Racers a 9 and Uncharted 3 a 10 so I don't see how he's a fanboy. He describes it as basically average but on IGN that usually means around a 6-7. I think the review is fair though but now they're actually using the full scale just for this review which is odd. In the beta the game just felt empty to me and I didn't really have much fun playing it. But yes I do know the beta isn't the full game either.

GribbleGrunger3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

IGN wasn't an App on LIVE back then. That's something we can't ignore in my opinion.

Blankman853792d ago

Gribble, was IGN an app when they gave Twisted Metal and Starhawk 9's and Witcher 2 8.5? Genuine question.
What about when they gave Journey 9 out of 10 as well? Unfinished swam too. . .when did IGN become an app on xbox live?

GribbleGrunger3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

No. It was recently. The same goes for Gamestop who gave this game 7/10. Both of these sites are currently the lowest scores on metacritic and both of these sites have recently been given an App on LIVE. It could be coincidental but it's worth noting.

NeverEnding19893792d ago

You remind me of N4G c. 2006-07.

"M$'s check must have cleared" re. Heavenly Sword reviews.

I thought N4G has evolved past that conspiracy theory?

Simon_Brezhnev3792d ago


TBH 8.5 is to low a score for Witcher 2. LOL

I'll be honest when i played the beta the only thing liked was the combat fighting other than that. It did feel like MNR again.

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SilentNegotiator3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Meanwhile, similar games add "driving under water" and gliding segments and get a bunch of 8+ scores every year.

"This is a step backward. Building up the ModNation meter meant you could defend yourself from multiple attacks. Requiring me to have an item equipped and ready to use as a shield means I'm vulnerable a lot more"
"I love kart racers and understand that cheap shots are a part of the genre, but I can't remember the last kart racer I played that frustrated me as much as LittleBigPlanet Karting does. There are a number of issues here. I'd deploy items like the Boxing Glove or Fast Forward Button (both of which propel you forward on the track), and I'd be slammed into obstructions at the end of the animation that instantly killed me. When I'd respawn, I'd be invulnerable for a few seconds, and as soon as that ended, I'd be blasted with a missile from a computerized foe and have no way to defend myself as I had just used the item I had equipped -- the item that led to my death and my subsequent spiral into last place"

.....aaaaand he just described Mario Kart. Yet somehow it's some terrible game.

Greg Miller is a terrible reviewer.

georgeenoob3792d ago

Wow what a weak year for ps3

stage883792d ago

Not at all, we've had quite a few great exclusives this year :)

Eyeco3792d ago

I hate to admit it being a fan of the system but he's right this has been arguably the weakest ps3 year, with the exception of Journey everything else has been BLEH!!! and before you disagree , look back to the previous years the PS3 has had better, this year was horrible

slapedurmomsace3792d ago

I didn't really like the Beta either, but mario kart in 2 player mode was my wife and mine favorite game to play together back in the day on the Gamecube, and since we don't have a Wii or Cube anymore, we're both hoping LBPK will fill that slot nicely. Here's to not giving a rats about IGN cause damn it, we're gonna have fun anyway.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3792d ago

You could tell by the beta that the game was going to suck.

showtimefolks3792d ago

this was a bad idea in IMO and wasn't a game that needed to be made. This was more of Modnation racers DLC than anything else

Muffins12233792d ago

Not surprised....this racing like feature could of easily been possible through adding it to another REAL little big planet... like little big planet 3 or something.

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I played the demo at SDCC.. this game is lame!

MRMagoo1233792d ago

Arent you the one that made that awful halo4 killing cod article? begone bug

XabiDaChosenOne3792d ago ShowReplies(4)
guitarded773792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

What I learned from this review -> Greg miller is easily confused.

CaptainSheep3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

What? A 5? Hm, that's interesting. I REALLY liked the beta. I think it was really fun and really enjoyed it. :/