The Game Confirmed He's in GTA V

The Game who played B-Dup in GTA San Andreas, confirmed he's in GTA V.

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crimsonfox3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

He played B-Dup in San Andreas, I still think that the conversation he has with CJ is one of the best in the game, cause CJ really begins to understand how broken Grove Street has become. This might even suggest more celebrity voice overs again like Vice City and San Andreas. Which was something I enjoyed alot. Familiar voices is always a plus. for me at least...
EDIT : I just read the Headline and commented otherwise I wouldn't have repeated his role in San Andreas, 1000 sorrows.

SlavisH23363d ago

i hope this turns out better then his music :(

jd6663363d ago

It's all in the game yo!!