GameSpot To Change Their Lost Odyssey Review Score?

As reported from GameSpot editor it is possible they will change Lost Odyssey review score after re-review because there is no big load times in retail version of the game as explained by Microsoft and gamers who has already purchased the game. GameSpot explains that they care for their reputation and want readers to receive review text without errors.

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power of Green 5085d ago

So this game got hammered because of ignorance? and FF fan haters even taking this issue to a new level of being hammered?.

iMad5085d ago (Edited 5085d ago )

Another part of the story is what main gaming sites have debug version of 360 which seems causes this sort of issues.

radzy5085d ago

they should call it "WORSE GENERATION" instead of "next generation"
it takes sometimes more that a minute to load a fighting scene, and then about 15 seconds to get back to non-fighting gameplay.
and if you have a benQ drive in your 360 , then goodluck as it is the slowest of all drives.

mariusmal5084d ago

i think that they do good with their decision to change it, but microsoft or the devs are to blame, they should have send a final version for review

HowarthsNJ5084d ago

It should not be a factor.

Is there a massive case of AADD among the gaming community?

5084d ago
PS360WII5084d ago (Edited 5084d ago )

Umm lol at all the PlayStation only people who are making fun of a game for loading screens. Need you be reminded about how often you where staring at a loading screen for the PS1? Perhaps you forgot about all the waiting you did with the PS2? Oh and don't forget the biggest offender to horrible loading the PSP!

Oh wow that's right with discs you have loading!

edit: and to the guy above me the only ones who are copying the FF is Square Enix seeing the man who created FF is the head of Mistwalker now.

Julie5084d ago

It is scary to comment in here but...

You are comparing Xbox360 loading times with the Ps1???? you are weird...

And how can you copy something that belongs to you, that you have the rights, that you own??

I like Lost Oddysey but...better i say no i said this place is scary and weird

PS360WII5084d ago

I'm not compairing I'm reminding. All Playstation only people are forgetting their roots. While yes Square Enix owns the rights but they didn't make it.

kewlkat0075084d ago (Edited 5084d ago )

know who is behind Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, excuse them.

Nobuo Uematsu + Hironobu Sakaguchi are some of the biggest names behind the Final Fantasy series..

It's not like the guys do not know the RPG formula..

MikeGdaGod5084d ago

i know you're just "reminding" us but that still makes little sense. how can you compare loading times with the PS1, PS2, or PSP with the 360.

c'mon this is suppose to be a NEXT-GEN system. you can't make people feel better by saying the PS1 had long loading times too.

i usually agree with you but you're a bit off here i think, bad example.

PS360WII5084d ago

yeah could be a poor excuse. I'm never good at these PS3/360 debates

PS360WII5084d ago

Oh sweet a disagree I guess I am a good PS3/360 debater and it was a prime example I used. Thank you phantom disagree-er

Sarick5084d ago


If i'm playing an RPG with random encounters a long wait to start the fight will make the game piss me off.

If it takes 10+ seconds every encounter just to start and 10+ after it ends thats not enjoyable.

They've got every right to lower a games score over load times just as much as they did when they had a drop in frame rates on orange box on the PS3.

MS continues to rush things out in unfinished or untested states. If they ship a crap product to reviewers they deserve a crap review.

Unfortunately, when they see the reviews it's totally wrong to call up the reviewer and blackball them into re-reviewing their product because it was unfinished and got a low score. It's totally wrong to send reviewers unfinished products and expect them to change their reviews.

Send them a finshed product first and stop making excuses because reviews did their jobs and noted serious flaws in the unfinished product.

anh_duong5084d ago

there are people here who just can't help disagreeing...

the fact i will get a few disagrees for saying this just proves my point.

incogneato5084d ago

My geuss is Microsoft paid them off. They've given worse reviews to decent games and never changed it.

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Chris_GTR15085d ago

ohh yeaaa.! thank you MS! im picking it up tommorow

iMad5085d ago

There is very positive user feedback about the game.
Shame MS you send bad DVD copies to reviewers. Got lower scores.

actas1235084d ago

Are u serious man! Why would Microsoft send bad DVDs to reviewrs? usually publishers send their best to reviewers in order to get a higher score.. Also, if that is correct it actually proves that Microsoft sends different copies to reviewers, I mean different than the ones they ACTUALLY sell.. Isn't that cheating?
Its possible that Microsoft did send the reviewers at gamespot a bad DVD because of only one thing, they changed the code a little in order to make the game look a little better but that negatively affected the load times.

socomnick5084d ago

Actas they reviewed the Japanese version that one had framerate and loading issues. The American Retail version is fixed no framerate issues loading screens have never been more than 5 seconds for me and awesome graphics. Lost oddysey is awesome get it the story is a bit too emotional though for my taste but I am surprised by how adult it is Great rpg guys.

original seed5085d ago

At first i was hyped for this game, Then all the reviews came up and loading issues and i got bummed. Now Im hooked. Im still on disc one but i've been playing it non-stop. I love it. Oh and yeah, this is no Kiddie RPG. Its a tough one. The first big boss fight was tough.

kewlkat0075084d ago

Since my party was weak with physical Attacks, using Elements was the only way. Haha that's just the first boss...long way to go.

wageslave5084d ago

I was really happy MS & Mistwalker released the free DLC for Blue Dragon. The DLC made the game harder. IT really forced the player to play with the deep tactics the gameplay offered.

I prefered the game the 2nd time through... the first time was great. The 2nd play was the best JRPG I've ever played.

barom5085d ago

lmao it's not their fault that MS sent them a non-final copy as a REVIEW-copy.

It's not ignorance fool.

PumPum5085d ago

GS has any credibility left.