Red Alert 3 Announced With BETA Details

Yep those people at EA have officially announced Red Alert 3 is in production with 3 screenshots in there website and a video they also talk about a multiplayer campaign which sounds very interesting and if you want to get in the beta you have to buy the C&C3 expansion pack Kanes Wrath for a key

spandexxking5709d ago

hope they keep the music "hell march" that was awesome

BadTaste5709d ago

The music composer for Red Alert 1 & 2 denied that he would be doing the music score for Red Alert 3.

Kulupoo5709d ago

well, it didnt mean it cannot recycle the old music.... Hell's March is amazing~

can't wait for the beta, i pre ordered Kane's wrath already ~

KeiZka5708d ago

Seems like I'll have to preorder Kane's Wrath, then...

And Frank Klepacki doesn't compose any pieces to any C&C games unless EA hires him. He's working at Petroglyph studios as of now.


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Fist4achin2031d ago

Dragon age 2 was not a bad game, just a terrible sequel if that makes any sense. Should have been it's own IP.

Yui_Suzumiya2031d ago

I loved Dragon Age II. I even got the platinum trophy for it. That was the very first medieval themed fantasy RPG that I enjoyed aside from an Ultima game I played in the early 90's at a cousins house.

Fist4achin2031d ago

Not that it was a bad game, just not a fair successor to DAO.

NapalmSanctuary2031d ago

Surely Twisted Metal 3&4 have earned a place on this list.

2031d ago
Hardiman2031d ago

Lord of Shadows 2 was one that left me scratching my head because I loved the first one! Red Faction Armageddon was another one that I still wonder why they didn't just give us something more like Guerrilla.


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