Gamedaily: Mega Brain Boost Review - Leave this Brain dead title at the store

Robert Workman of Gamedaily writes: Mega Brain Boost is Majesco Games' latest attempt to hop on the brain-training bandwagon. Users test their memorization and quick reaction skills in a number of mind-numbing puzzles. Upon looking at the box, you're given a big promise – this package features three games combined into one package. The two previous Brain Boost releases, aptly named Beta Wave and Gamma Wave, are here, along with a series of new puzzles to solve. Unfortunately, while they appear to be stimulating at first, none of these games hold up over a long period of time. We got bored well within the first hour.

To sum it up, Mega Brain Boost tries to offer more than previous releases in the series, but still comes up feeling empty. Majesco needs to work on diversifying the game's activities and options if it's going to stand a chance in this genre. Otherwise, it'll be outdone by Nintendo's far superior Brain Age series each and every time. Leaving this game on the store shelf will be the smartest thing your right brain's done all day.

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