Naruto Storm 3: Goku Costume Naruto in Action

At Paris Games Week, Naruto in Goku’s costume was shown in action, complete with a two handed Rasengan that looks like a Kamehameha.

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tayz2176d ago

pure epicness! he transforms into super saiyan too!

zerocrossing2176d ago

The only way this could be anymore awesome is if Goku made a cameo

tayz2176d ago

lol hahaha i kno right!? but they said hes not in it

DarkHeroZX2176d ago

Naruto isn't worthy to wear that suit.

DrRichtofen2176d ago

I wonder if CC2 are teasing us with the Goku costume, as some kind of hint towards them giving the DBZ franchise a shot after NS3.

tayz2176d ago

THAT WOULD BE BEAST! DBZ needs a true developer to do it right and CC2 would be it!

DrRichtofen2176d ago

Yeah I bet CC2 could make an awesome DBZ game, I hope they do!

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