What Do We Think About Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale So Far?

Superbot’s upcoming brawler, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (AKA Sony’s Smash Bros clone), releases in less than two and a half weeks. After getting some hands-on time with the beta, we’ve decided to bring Dusty Cartridge’s own Mark Ankucic and Martin Gladstone to discuss what they did and didn’t like about the game, if any improvements still need to be made prior to release and much more!

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Hellsvacancy2997d ago

I played the beta, twice, thought it was meh, deleted it

HeavenlySnipes2996d ago

I did the same thing, but to be fair, I didn't really like Smash Bros back in the day either. There were people that really knew what they were doing during the several beta matches I played though, so there is a market for this game

guitarded772996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

I get where you're coming from. I pre-ordered and thought the betas (private and public) were just okay. I still have it pre-ordered because I know that there will be more game modes, more characters, and the cross-buy. I think the retail version with everything, will make the game beyond "meh".

Temporary2996d ago

I downloaded the Beta and really enjoyed the demo. I cant play it for hours straight though i only pick up and play a few rounds then play something else.

It's a demo but it really doesnt properly demo the game because itll release with lots of different game modes. It's supposed to just be to demo the combat system, which i think is very fluid and fun.

andibandit2996d ago

I could only play it for 5 minutes before i got tired of it. I deleted it now anyways.

miyamoto2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

My constructive criticism to make the game better:

the bad
First of all the game looks bland,
and it has no life at all (
soulless, no spirit of fun
it does not scream fun like Street Fighter II
the characters are too small on PS3 much more on the Vita.
art direction has no festive or warm feeling
graphics look sterile
characters are lifeless and stiff
the music is atrocious
the marketing is dumb…come on dumbstep?
the developers take the game too serious
the game takes itself too serious
game design is gloomy
no story mode like in Tekken

the good
the fighting mechanics
the character line up…Nariko is awesome
the balls & generosity Sony had to grant the PlayStation community's requests. That is very important.

the possibilities

should have been made a 3-D fighter like Power Stone 2 and God of War: Ascension to really capture the 3-D generation the characters’ original games were made for...
... and most specially in order to save Sony from the unnecessary uproar of Nintendo men-children fans with Peter Pan syndrome.

but hey Sony can get it right maybe with the sequel.

never the less anybody can find a way to have lots of fun with this game specially fighting game fans.
Happy Gaming.

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smashcrashbash2997d ago

Played the beta, had fun, preordered the game, can't wait for the whole thing

cee7732996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

I've been enjoying the beta I've been playing since the end of yesterday 3days past the beta yes it was still playing only took a while get connected to a match

Kratos is my guy won a lot with him

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses like parappa's number 2 super is deadly you could score at up to 5 kills with that super if your slick enough

-Mika-2997d ago

It a fun game but it a unbalanced mess. Sly cooper and kratos are just overpowered.

smashcrashbash2997d ago

Sly is over powered? It just shows how many people's view of over powered is different. People were saying Parappa was over powered. Besides Kratos is not over powered. His AP just goes up too fast. They said they will adjust it.I can beat Kratos and Sly with Fat Princess and she has the shortest reach in the game. Sly isn't over powered in the least. Must be your skills in question.

pixelsword2996d ago

Everyone's overpowered when you can't beat them. :D

BitbyDeath2996d ago

They're all overpowered when i play :-(

Temporary2996d ago

Ive seen some beasts with every character. A skilled player can make any character look OP.

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badz1492996d ago

it just need practice and if you play with your fav character enough, you'll be the overpowered one for other people!

if you wanna talk overpowered, see Seth from SF4! that's both overpowered and CHEAP!

ThePsychoGamer2997d ago

So far I'm not sold on the game, hopefully DLC of a Character that should have been in the game to begin with (Kiryu Kazuma) will change that.

godofboobees2996d ago

Poor baby. Wanna dlc for a bobo too?

ThePsychoGamer2995d ago

If you don't like my opinion, fine, but don't be so rude.

videoxgamexfanboy2996d ago

Played the beta. It was cool but ill stick with smash. I do like the combos tho. I'll wait til its 20$

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2996d ago

Good call, BECAUSE IT'S NOT LIKE YOU CAN OWN BOTH. It's not like they can co-exist in one room lol.

videoxgamexfanboy2996d ago

Or maybe I DONT WANT BOTH!!! Did that thought ever cross ur mind? I swear some of u ppl say the stupidest shit. My comments in no way bashed this game in fact my comments were more positive than negative. I just prefer ssb over this game for a number of reasons. Like I said this game is cool but in my OPINION it barrows to much from smash and I don't care for most of the cast so far. For me this game is a bargin bin purchase at best.

Reverent2995d ago

@videoxgamexfanboy, hypocrite, much?

smashcrashbash2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

No one cares if you stick with Smash. We are not talking about Smash. We are talking about PASBR. Anyone ever tell you it is rude to join in conversation with off topic sentences? Go talk about Smash on the Nintendo side.No one cares.

@ Blastoise. Good point. I am not sure at what point SSB had a 'strong single player'. I swear some Nintendo people are downright deluded. Single player in all SSB games were barely anything special. What I find especially funny is that people are judging it based on six characters, two modes and two levels. We haven't even seen the extent of the whole game and all the unlockables or story mode or anything but people are basing all their judgements on an unfinished game. The beta is two months old and not even the final game. In fact the latest Superbot build even has the amount of points you have gotten at the bottom of the screen on each characters image so you can tell who is winning or losing. It's a huge improvement and I bet half the people here don't even know about it. No more second guessing who is winning and losing.

Outside_ofthe_Box2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

"***In fact the latest Superbot build even has the amount of points you have gotten at the bottom of the screen on each characters image so you can tell who is winning or losing. It's a huge improvement and I bet half the people here don't even know about it. No more second guessing who is winning and losing.***"

Yeah I saw that during the MLG tourney, but I wasn't sure if it was actually the game itself or if MLG did that themselves. If it is the new build, then kudos yet again to SuperBot. They are definitely listening to people's complaints and suggestions and are implementing them.

-Alpha2996d ago

^ Superbot confirmed that you can turn on on-screen scoring a long time ago. They just prefer not to.

videoxgamexfanboy2996d ago

Who the hell do u think ur talking to lil boy!? I can talk about whatever I want to talk about! Are u and who ever agreed with u Gunna stop me? Nope!! To hell with this smash bros clone. U need to learn to respect others opinion. Now go play in the street kiddo.

MmaFan-Qc2996d ago

yeah yeah, videoxgamexfanboy, you have sand in your vag, now get over it son/.

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profgerbik2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

"To hell with this smash bros clone"

Well that got negative, it appears you had a deep seeded hate towards the game after all eh?

Everything in this world comes from another idea, that is how humanity works unfortunately. We build on each others ideas. Nintendo is no different.

So I guess since Smash Bro's exists there can never be another game similar to it?

Oddly you sound like a clone to me. Of course I am just basing it off this comment.

I had no issue with your first comment.

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