7 New Screenshots of Abel, The Newest Street Fighter

In anticipation of the AOU arcade show in Japan this weekend, Capcom has just released new screens and artwork for Abel, the 10th brawler to be unveiled in Street Fighter IV

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TrevorPhillips3990d ago

cant wait for this game its gonna ownnnnn event he online

ErcsYou3990d ago

Street Fighter 4 is going to be of the hook.. I actually thought i was going to be playing SF3 on my dreamcast for the rest of my natural life. Thank you capcom.... i know its a little early still but im planing on making a SF4 joystick out of a Sixaxis next month..

RAF-TECH3990d ago

Abel is the same as SEAN in SF3.

that's pretty lame of Capcom.

but anyways. My Hori stick will be more of use now.

InMyOpinion3990d ago

Why is he wearing sparring protection gear? Afraid he might hurt his opponent? lol