Dead Rising Selling Out In Japan

There are few to no in-store displays. The title carries a restrictive game-as-porn Z rating. It is an exclusive for a largely unpopular American console. And, it looks like Dead Rising is going to be a hit in Japan.

shotty6208d ago

Cool, maybe the Z rating is actually attracting curious gamers. I know I would be attracted to a Zombie game that had the highest rating possible for a video game. It honestly is a fantastic game, give the demo a try on the marketplace and you'll see. It so detailed, in what you can do. Make food, change clothes, level your skills up. It's a RPG in a sort of way.

DC RID3R6208d ago

360 is very disrepectfal!!!!!!!

Considering the effort MS has put into marketing the 360 in the land of the rising sun, it pains me to see most of the japanese gaming public neglect it!!

if the wii (once released) sells at the rate of ds's vs psp's, then i guess its totally a gaming thing, but if the ps3 sells like the ps2, then you know that the japanese are actually showing some racist tendencies!!!!!

shotty6208d ago (Edited 6208d ago )

You have to think of it in the point of Japanese gamers and I don't blame them. Lets you last gen.
Sony's ps2 obviously dominated and they had tons of games for the japanese gamer, while the xbox 1 had more westernized games.

As a Japanese gamer you know that sony will return with the same kinds of games for the ps3, while you believe that the xbox 360 will follow what the xbox 1 did unless microsoft proves otherwise. To make matters worse the xbox 360 is still pretty expensive for a console which makes the console a big gamble for the japanese gamer and to make it even worse the DS has totally taken over and just about every japanese gamer must have a DS which is pretty cheap over there.

It like Sega coming back this generation with a Dreamcast 2 and commanding that we all abandon over xbox 360s and playstations and switch over. And the Dreamcast 2 would cost like 2X more than the 360. Most likely the average person would not switch over.

Samething in Japan, however with microsoft's resources and marketing they have to show Japanese gamers that they are the better choice. As you see be TGS microsoft is trying and Japanese gamers are starting to take notice. Blue Dragon lines were 3 hours long, more than any of the ps3 lines. What microsoft needs is more content, which is definately coming and they need to show off the xbox 360 features to the japanese gamer. Like streaming content off their windows PC, or text/audio/video chat with friends all over the world.

All in all this generation is going to be alot more interesting in Japan then the last.

Stone Cold SA6208d ago

As half the 360 fans on this site, the reason PS1 sold so well was because it was awesome, i mean it beat a very established and capable Sega and Nintendo, So PS2 had the ball in it's court and it delivered that's why PS2 is so popular, Xbox 1 didin't deliver in Japan, it launched later, had a shaddy line up of games, took about 3 years to even come into PS2 league, by then it was a lost cause in Japan, so of course Japanese gamers are waiting on the PS3, yet again the ball is in Sony's court there, so don't come on here saying things like that, especially when you can't justify what you are saying, it just sounds so dumb, look at your pic and name, i just have to look at that to know it's gonna be some dumb a*s lame post, so in future the Rock says it doesn't matter what you think!

TheXgamerLive6208d ago (Edited 6208d ago )

The XBOX didn't have any sort of a shaddy line up, in fact it was quite the oposite, but they did as a previous responder said, had a very westernized line up. Perfect for the westernized countries, but not for Japan.
Where the ps2 did it well was that they did start out doing a numbers game, doing many many titles, some were good, few were really good and many were crap "BUT" the titles we call crap were often very popular in the asian nations, aka Japan.
The two (2) countries are more different in game taste then similar. So, by doing the numbers game, sony was able to hit upon a working system for them. XBOX was an adult 16+ western males gaming system, many ps2 players, including most of you was under 16, infact probably early teens or less, so that's for the most part the current ps3 audience, while the XBOX 360 audience is mostly college age students and above adults looking for a mature game, well except that XBOX 360 is also adding games for youths as well now ala VIVA PINATA.
This should bring a whole new audience/s to the XBOX 360 line.

Reguardless, all 3 systems will have something for everyone, so choose your prefered system and play.

kmis876208d ago


First, most games released in Japan never see the light of day stateside. These are the games that are popular in Japan. It's not like the games that we hate are the games they like, like you claim. The xbox saw very few Japanese oriented games, and these were released only sporadically over the course of its short lifecycle. The 360 could see the same problems. If only a few games (Enchanted Arms, Lost Planet, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey) are released that appeal to the Japanese gamer on the 360 while the competition manages to keep a steady (key word) stream of appealling titles coming out, the 360 will fail like the xbox did in Japan.

I also find it hard to believe that only people under 16 bought ps2s, especially since I was 17 when I bought my ps2 and my gamecube. Most of my friends had ps2s and only a couple had an xbox, which was cool because we could play Halo at their houses. All of us were the same age basically and we all go to college where the consoles of choice seem to be ps2 (Madden mostly), and gamecube (Smash Bros of course). While I have no doubts that the xbox appealed to an older crowd (its most popular games were Halo, Splinter Cell, and Fable), the idea that Playstation appealed only to a younger group is absurd.

And all 3 systems will have kids games. Nintendo already has the Animal Crossing franchise, which is fairly similar to Viva Pinata if I'm right, and, anyways, children's games like Spongebob and Finding Nemo or whatever usually see a multiplatform release. Plus, small children don't usually get to pick their console of choice, as their parents still make the major purchasing decisions.

Your last point is still valid, all 3 systems have something to offer. But the ps3 won't appeal to a strictly younger crowd, just as the 360 won't appeal to strictly an older crowd. All the systems seem to have a nice balance of games of all ratings, even Nintendo which has suffered from a lack of mature games in the past.

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Munky6208d ago

i wasn't trying to steal your thunder homes..peaz :)

Silverwolf6208d ago

Just don't let it happen again!!!! Just kidding.

Ravenator5296208d ago (Edited 6208d ago )

Wasn't there some recent report that this game wasn't doing well in Japan?

Here is what I was talking about. Its amazing how things change so fast!


bilal6208d ago

and that is making a news....
i hope those rpgs change something for the xbox360...

the point about japanese gamers not sensitive to 360 is bullsh*t....

what does 360 have for them or what did xbox had for them. they dont play fps at all neither third person shooters.....
every wow game on 360 is fps, even most of the rpgs...mass effect, halo, gow, and one billion other AAA fps games........
360 have sports games loved by america and fps, no platformers, no japanese animes, no great rpgs (as of yet) and you people are talking about competeing against a name that has delivered for more than 10 years in japan.....
consider this even the playstation could not get rid of nintendo since after 10 years even now it is competing hard for its place...
360 has nothing to offer but fps which japanese dont even know how to play

you have to deliver more than your competetor and even then it takes years....
e.g. xbox live service combined with fps and sport games is all most americans want to play, this is the reason why 360 is gaining ground in America

shotty6208d ago (Edited 6208d ago )

What about the great games like Oblivion, Dead Rising, Enchanted Arms, Nighty Nine Nights, Import Tuners, Love Soccer and more. As they said there will be over 50 Japan Exclusive xbox 360 games by the end of this year. So you can't say microsoft isn't trying. The thing is we will see no change untill the PS3 and Wii are launched, beleive it or not but until those consoles launch we will see no huge spike in xbox 360 sales. The japanese gamers, or the entire casual gaming crowd around the world are waiting for all 3 consoles to be released before they buy a console. Then they make their decision and the analyst will see. The one thing I am positive on is the xbox 360 will do way better then the original xbox 1 did. Because it has the price advantage against sony this time, and if microsoft wants can quickly drop the xbox 360 price in a few years, forcing sony to do the same and put sony in a poor situation financially.

Sony did the samething last generation by dropping the ps2 price shortly after the xbox 1 launch forcing microsoft to drop it's price, which was one of the reasons why the xbox 1 never made any money. You can make great consoles but if it never makes money then it's a liability on the entire company and since the playstation division is a source of alot of sony's revenue they have act accordingly.

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Underpants224d ago

Shame loved the Dead Rising series. Even enjoyed 4 but not sure why they removed the campain co op.

TheColbertinator224d ago

A zombie lover like me will always wait for a new Dead Rising.

hotnickles224d ago

Dead rising 1 was one of my favorite games back in the day. I never got into the others like I did DR1. DR2 was ok but 3 and 4 were kinda lame.

Kakyouin224d ago

Absolutely agree with you 100%. 1 was A MASTERPIECE even though it had several things that were not that good. But still a very solid title. And the ending was EPIC.

hotnickles224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

I agree. I’ll never forget grinding the zombies in the parking tunnels to get the mega buster weapon. Its uniqueness will always stand out to me and is high up on my all-times.