Zune targets 360

It's no secret Microsoft is preparing an Apple / iPod rival but details on the MS player are now beginning to filter through. A Microsoft spokesperson told Next-Gen.biz: "You can plug your Zune device into your Xbox 360 to stream music, pictures, and video, via USB cable, to enjoy all your Zune content on the TV in your living room."

The statement added: "Additionally, you can connect your Windows PC to your Xbox 360 using Windows Media connect to stream your Zune content that way as well." No further details were offered about the possibility of transferring Xbox Live Marketplace content from the Xbox 360 to Zune.

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kewlkat0076438d ago

ButI will be getting this Zune Player when it comes out.\I do have a 60 GIG Ipod which I'll probally leave in the car for my tunes since the thing crapped out twice already. I woul dhave no issues with Ipods if it weren't for the Dead often batteries and falty HDD.

I'm sure the Zune will have its issues. It's def not perfect, I actually think they forgot to add some things but nevertheless I'm sick of my Ipod not being able to sink and all that jazz.

DC RID3R6438d ago


stream video from zune to tv.....interesting

BIadestarX6438d ago

I am so getting myself one of these.

kmis876438d ago

Are they making a Zune variation thats like a nano? I'm only really interested in something that I can have on me while I'm running.

shotty6438d ago

Ya, they will have a device for every price point just like iPod. I just hope they don't make something like the ipod shuffle, that was a step in the wrong direction for apple. I have yet to own an mp3 player besides the psp and my cellphone. I might pick up the zune because a)my cell drinks up the battery while playing music b) thinking about selling psp since I nolonger play games on it c)stream media to and from the xbox 360 and vista.

Microsoft is even working on a Zune phone. God I hope they work with Motorola on this one.

Optimus Prime6437d ago

i am getting one of these. they look so cool

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