Duke Nukem for Arcade Live?

An interesting thread popped up over on the 3D Realms forums about bringing Duke Nukem 3D to Xbox Live.

Tons of fans want the game on their 360, especially after seeing 3D shooter grand-daddy Doom pop-up on Live last week, but the staff of 3D Realms point out that just because there is a demand for a game doesn't mean it will be met.

THAMMER16410d ago

Would be great. If Id passes this up they are crazy. It would cost them less than $300,000.00 to program. they could just charge like $10.00. get 2 million down loads make $20,000,000.00.

Stone Cold SA6410d ago

So this doesn't convice me to buy this consoe, sorry!

Stone Cold SA6410d ago

So this doesn't convice me to buy this consoe, sorry!

BIadestarX6410d ago

Did you play online? Don't understimate the power of online play, takes you to a different level.

THAMMER16410d ago

I'm not trying to sell this to you buddy. Stop head hunting me You have already dissagreed with me twice today for no reason. My post on the PS3 worst enemy article was nutral and you dissagreed for no reason and so did PS3 ultamate. Stop head hunting its crazy.

unleash bass6410d ago

They should do a version of bomberman with live support that would be fantastic.!

RealDoubleJ6410d ago

Hudson should be able to do that, I mean they did just release a poor remake of bomberman, why not remind everyone else why the original was the shiznat at console parties.

Would love Nukem but 3D Realms haven't been respectful to their fans in a LONG time (over the 'Forever fiasco' so i'll believe it when i's see's it.

JPomper6410d ago

How is this news?

A thread somewhere discussing that it would be cool if Duke Nukem came out on Arcade.... okay?

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VersusDMC18h ago

Me leaving it out should be telling of my thoughts on it. Better than 2 as a DMC game.

Still a good game though.