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The greatest praise and strongest criticism I can level at Halo 4 is that it sure is Halo.

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Chuk53190d ago

He says the multiplayer is great, spec ops is good, and the single player has great moments. And it all equates to a 5.5?

Godmars2903190d ago

From what I understand, for what such is worth coming from me, its another case of MP over SP. That SP or story has moments doesn't help that the actual story is near exact retread of Halo 1.

Shadonic3189d ago

I’ll wait until i play it to judge and compare these reviews to mines.

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Muffins12233189d ago

The SP for halo 4 is one of the best single player's i have played for a fps this decade almost

Awesome_Gamer3189d ago

I'm a proud PS3 fan, and i depise first person shooters, all of them, but 87 is a great score, stop trolling.

Shepherd 2143189d ago

The story isn't a retread. Yes you are discovering a new world/environment for the first time but that's where the similarities end. Master chief and cortana have evolved as characters and their relationship so much farther than what they were in halo 1. The main enemies are new and different. Multiple new characters are introduced and older story threads are also expanded on.

Not a retread. It's a great story.

Godmars2903189d ago

You're also discovering an ancient enemy at the same time the old, who you supposedly settled things with, are up to their old tricks.

I could see if this were about renegade human and convenient factions fighting over Forerunner tech, but no, a major legal military force just happens to turn up as the same location MC does with all aspects of war at the exact same level they were at the end of the old war.

MC and especially Cortania are going through some personal issues, but besides that and enemies who revive everything else is the same.

knowyourstuff3188d ago

Yeah, there's a lot of hate but it's always going to be expected. It doesn't matter how good a game is, there will always be some troll with a low IQ hating on it.

Shepherd 2143187d ago

Because what else is more fun than discovering something for the first time? 343 is trying to capture the halo 1 feel, they've never been secretive about that. But what you're discovering is something so much more than in halo 1.

In halo 1, you discover one of their abandoned ring world weapons that just sits there. You fight covenant over it. Thats it. In halo 4, you find one of their planets. You find their home, their actual place of operations which is very much still alive and teeming with Forerunners themselves. You even find and speak to the didact, who is one of them but betrayed them. You may as well give return of the Jedi shit for retreading a new hope with the death star battle, which is what both movies lead up to and revolve around.

And it's mentioned in the story that the UNSC infinity had been orbiting the planet for some time, they didn't just pop up when master chief got there too. It makes the game more interesting and gives a reason to have more characters and use Human weapons for variety.

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SonyPS3603189d ago

Why is it only these troll reviews are on frontpage N4G?

fr0sty3189d ago

It's simple. Fanboys cannot see their beloved game/console getting based without responding. So, when a no-name site posts a negative review of a beloved game, the fanboys come pouring in to it's defense and the article's temp shoots up to 1000 degrees. The site then laughs all the way to the bank as the fanboys argue in the comment sections.

EVILDEAD3603189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

These obvious troll reviews designed to lover the Metacritic review and also give sites hits are why it's clear that Metacritic has turned into user reviews on

EGMs reviewer got exposed on Neogaf and it's not even worth looking at this review.

The word of mouth from Halo fans that ACTUALLY play the game starting in 4 hours are going to drown this out.

Excessive backlash hate scores no matter how they are pretending to justify them won't hurt Halo 4 at all. When the smoke clears, the game may end up breaking every Halo record in existance, including Halo 3.

But, the precedance is now set. Other MAJOR upcoming games from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are about to suffer the same fate. Some arent going to be as lucky. This is now going to be standard for games to get Medal-of-honored. Look at the clicks garnered by this site for a blood review.

Don't believe me..

Just wait till Black Ops 2, God of War prequel, Gears, Zombie-U, Bioshock: Infinite, Grand Theft Auto 5, Last of Us, Beyond etc. are all's going to be the same outcome.

I salute 343 for the accolades it has achieved, Metacritic can't change that. Now it's time for the real fans to finally get are hands on this Epic gem.


moneygun23189d ago

It will be nice when you just get the damn game so you can stop cheer-leading the $hit out of it.

Yes, we get it, you like halo. But your need to constantly come to every single one of these low scoring review stories just to try and downplay and make some condescending remarks is tiring.

I think Halo 4 looks great, and I believe it will be great but isn't that enough. If you truly believe these reviews are pointless (which they are) why do you continue to try a make some sort of mockery out of them? Let the sub par shoddy journalism speak for itself. By the way to everyone who might have a problem with instant respawns. Go away.

EVILDEAD3603189d ago

@ money gun

GTFOH...I commented on one other article just like everyone else who is in ANY article commenting.

Don't like that I'm a fan of Halo? Get over it..cry yourself to sleep.

Lol @ these lames pretending that only trolls have commenting rights on N4G.

Once again on topic it doesn't matter if the the guy destroys the game, the proof is in the pudding.

On line for my copy right now..With 300 fans at GameStop..

Life is good..


moneygun23188d ago

So far I count 4 including this one with the above mentioned, the duke nukem comment, the egm review, and the is the halo 5.5 review one. Comment history dont lie.

I really would rather not get into a rabble rabble off I just made a statement that your need to dismiss worthless reviews over and over is a little....childish. But you did do great at throwing out assumption after assumption.

"Don't like that I'm a fan of Halo"-
Where did I say or would I ever feel the need to tell you that statement

"lames pretending that only trolls have commenting rights"-
Thats a bit elite for yourself wouldn't you agree, and the fact that was never insinuated

"I commented on one other article just like everyone else who is in ANY article commenting"-
Now it would seem everyone else is doing this, right? I would not be so happy to be included into "group awesome"

Now that people have the game we can all see that it is and will be a great experience. But for the future you could try and tone it down. Just a thought. Enjoy the game, it looks awesome.

Just picked up my copy, looking forward to seeing what 343 has cooked up. Have fun everyone

moneygun23188d ago

Holy $hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha your comment got pulled onto a website article. They said the same thing about whining for worthless reviews. I think its time to retire from site commenting when you become the problem for an industry. hahahaha

EVILDEAD3603188d ago

LMFAO @ these LAME arguments..the ONLY reason you got an issue with what I'M saying is BECAUSE I'm talking about Halo..

This will be too easy..

S'o far I count 4 including this one with the above mentioned, the duke nukem comment, the egm review, and the is the halo 5.5 review one. Comment history dont lie.'

Again, I'm talking about ONE other review in regards to Halo. The EGM and this one..period. Your b-hurt so bad that your scouring my history just because I commented on a Duke Nukem article..LMFAO. Two games???

Let me remind you where you are. This is puts an article, review, etc. PEOPLE comment on it. They give THEIR opinions. I gave mine..and you can't even argue against it.. Instead you only point me out? LOL

114 comments alone in this one..check out the other ones. Don't like mine..keep crying click disagree..but you clearly got nothing when it comes to proving me wrong. Typical..

Once again..The EGM reviewer got DESTROYED on NEOGAF when his bias was exposed. This one is laughable and I'm FAR from the only one to point it out.

But the best part is some little site uses a snippet of my response and guess what THEY AGREE with it's used on N4G as a headline titled..

'Halo 4 shows why review scores need to go'

Hahahahaha..your pointr is reviews need to go as a rebuttle to what I said.

If you took the fan goggles off you would have read my ON TOPIC point wasnt even soley about this game. Halo 4 is only the latest example of this trend.

'Just wait till Black Ops 2, God of War prequel, Gears, Zombie-U, Bioshock: Infinite, Grand Theft Auto 5, Last of Us, Beyond etc. are all's going to be the same outcome'

Either way..the results don't lie..

Halo 4..Metacritic 66 positive reviews.1 negative.

I salute 343 again..The game is phenominal..period. Real Halo fans already know.


moneygun23187d ago

I believe they were pointing out how people bitch and moan at all the reviews. Your not the solution your the problem, people invest way to much into a review. Good or bad.

By the way, I do not disagree with people on N4G. Its there opinion, let them have it. IF you are so interested in metacritic, halo 4 is the worst reviewed one in the series. Something to think about.

I however do believe the game is a solid 9/10. Plus it has the best sound design this side of battlefield. You can also stop disregarding the fact I have only had praise for the game anytime you like. How do you say it. Goggles.

Please for the love of god stop with the LMFAO,LOL,GTFO's it comes across as some sort of nervous tick.

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badkolo3190d ago

if anyone takes this review seriously they need to be shot

Kos-Mos3190d ago

Yes, that`s how you argue in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Leio3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Yes. Thats exactly what happens when everyone is free to express their opinions.

ElementX3189d ago

The site is .au which is Australia, not the US ;)

RememberThe3573189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

EDIT: Never mind, misread. Move on...

Stretch3189d ago

Let's assume that this review is terrible and unfair. It shouldn't get this much attention. It shouldn't be attacked. It should be ignored.

Chuk53190d ago

If it's any consultation. This dude also gave MW3 a 9.5.

dragonrage003189d ago

The guy that gave MW3 a 9.5 also says this:
"Halo is so rigid in its linearity that the player is forced to learn gunfight sequences by rote - remember where the snipers are, make sure you find the Watcher quickly to put him down, memorise where extra ammo is.
There's very little reactive gameplay, because the path of least resistance is by way of recall."
Apparently COD has much larger environments and the 1-2 seconds it takes to kill someone leaves you tons of room to react.

Old McGroin3189d ago

That's funny, this review is complaining of linearity and the guy who reviewed it for EGM complained that the environments were too vast and that it wasn't linear enough. Are these people actually reviewing the same game?

Halo 4 has received a fair few 100s and plenty of 90%+ marks from more mainstream sites - it's clear to see that the "lesser" sites are trolling for hits.

calis3189d ago

"Halo 4 has received a fair few 100s and plenty of 90%+ marks from more mainstream sites - it's clear to see that the "lesser" sites are trolling for hits."

Or the mainstream sites were paid off.

Old McGroin3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

"Or the mainstream sites were paid off."

Is that a tinfoil hat you're wearing? ;)

calis3189d ago

No, I'm pointing out the opposite and being completely flippant about it.

It could be that the reviewer simply did not enjoy the game. It is possible.

People cry way to much over bad reviews. The game isn't better if a reviewer likes it. The game is as good as you think it is.

starchild3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

True. If you enjoy a game then it doesn't really matter what other people think.

BUT that doesn't mean that we can't make fun of people who are illogical and write poor reviews. Or for that matter people that wear tinfoil hats and come up with all kinds of wild conspiracy theories with zero evidence to back them up...

lastdual3189d ago

What's funny is that this guy complains about Halo 4 being too linear, while EGM whines about it being not linear enough.

You'd think the negative reviews could at least be consistent...

Hellsvacancy3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

"Or for that matter people that wear tinfoil hats and come up with all kinds of wild conspiracy theories with zero evidence to back them up"

Wow, somebody else who spends too much time living in the box

MS is a RUTHLESS company, probably one of the most ruthless corporations on the entire planet, i dont need to show evidence of that, its common knowledge

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