N64 team working on Banjo 360(News)

Good news for fans of the N64 originals - a top Microsoft exec has told Eurogamer that the original team responsible for Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie is working on the new 360 instalment announced at last week's X06.

Rare's platforming double act took the Nintendo console by storm in the '90s. And while the series' return has been anticipated for some time, Microsoft Game Studios general manager Phil Spencer wanted to reassure gamers that Banjo's 360 debut is very much in the right hands.

He revealed: "Team sizes are so different now and we have more animators now than the full Banjo 1 team, but the key core team is really the same."

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shotty5909d ago

Rare has alot of teams, I wonder if they have a Killer Instincts team and what are the pdz and kameo team working on.

zonetrooper55909d ago

I would like Rare to buy the rights to james bond goldeneye so they can remake it for the Xbox 360 but bloody activision has the rights.

sparco5909d ago

Good. This means this game i gonna be great. But tbh, i woulda bought it whatever team made it.

Do they realy need the James Bond rights to re-release a game that they made?

zonetrooper55909d ago

I think they would need the rights or they would be in a lot of trouble.

PS360PCROCKS5908d ago

cool this should be a good game, these are my games, this, sonic, crash bandicoot, etc...

ChickeyCantor5908d ago

C;BFD was better for the n64 then for the xbox.
gameplay was slightly diffrent only gfx wur updated. if they would remake golden eye i know for sure it will be raped too cozz i didnt liked PD for the xbox360....i hope they dont screw this one up......this is just me im not trying to fact my opinion

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