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Tom Chick writes: This is Halo 4. A shiny old dog without any new tricks. I got more out of the Halo 1 remake, which at least had the appeal of nostalgia. Playing through an updated version of the original Halo was at times tired or tedious. But it was also a reminder of the raw genius that launched the series. There is none of that in Halo 4, which is a drawn-out retread without any fresh perspective or energy, and furthermore missing a lot of what I need to pull me through a Halo game. Halo 4 demonstrates that if there’s one thing worse than more of the same, it’s less of the same.

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Snookies123186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Wow, total trolling here? That's all I can figure for this, even if you didn't like the game, you have to admit it looks amazing and seems to play very well too (from what I've seen). A score like this is for broken and awful games... -_-

Nimblest-Assassin3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Im going to put Tom Chicks reviews into perspective

Uncharted 3- 2/5
Assassins Creed revelations: 1.5/5
Max Payne 3- 2/5
Journey- 2/5
Catherine- 2/5

Yeah this is normal for him... a reviewer who thinks he is better than everyone else

Example here: http://www.quartertothree.c...

Even though I love the parody... Tom Chick obviously insults IGN claiming they have no integrity, yet he is the one pulling stuff like this
Brace yourselves, since his half-assed site is on metacritic... for all out anarchy against him

It has begun

NeXXXuS3186d ago

I bet he doesn't even play video games. He probably just watches people play on youtube.

QuantumWake3186d ago

Wow, you're not kidding about Metacritic. Not that it matters to some, but Halo 4 just dropped to an 88.

Oh boy, we got a storm coming.

Nimblest-Assassin3186d ago

My biggest problem with him is he thinks he is the best reviewer out there.... and everyones opinion except his is wrong

If a game is narrative focused... it usually gets a 1-2 from him

I have no idea why he still reviews videogames, when over 90% of his reviews are scores from 1-3

The rare moments when a game gets a 5/5 is mind boggling

Snookies123186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

That's messed up... This dude is a joke (or at least he's making himself look like one). It's also just another reason why Metacritic is flawed. If they have people like this who are allowed to contribute reviews that aren't even anywhere near what they should be.

otherZinc3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Thanks, now metacritic is some BS for having a useless Clown like this to pull scores down for games he doesn't play.

Blastoise3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

This ain't gonna go down well...

By the way, whilst I don't agree with the score at all, people should stop focusing so much on Metacritic scores. If I only focused on games with high Metacritic numbers I would have missed out on a lot of great games this GEN.
Reviews in general are not to be trusted like they once were. Just saying...

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StreetsofRage3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

LOL. I can guarantee you that real gamers don't care about metacritic. Especially fans of the Halo franchise.

The problem with the internet and metacritic is that anybody with a couple of pennies can create a site and make crap reviews. Their are fanboy sites that give perfect scores or crap scores just to move the average.

I personally only read Game Informer and IGN. Their reviews are usually pretty solid. Respectable mags and sites have all praised this game.

Halo 4 is a AAA title. Some random no name site trying to bring the averages down isn't going to change that. Stop using Metacritic. It carries no weight.

Their has been a huge amount of hardcore MLG Halo players that been playing Halo competitively since part 1 and they have called this Halo the best ever. That's the only review that matters to me.

BattleAxe3186d ago Show
StanLee3186d ago

It's rare that you read a review with such vitriol. The writer clearly is more in love with the perceived weight of his opinion than giving a subjective review. What we have here is a pretentious twat with a platform he shouldn't have!

Outside_ofthe_Box3186d ago

Yeah, I remember this dude from when he gave Journey a 2/5. He isn't a gamer plain and simple.

Sargerus3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

He also gave Fallout New Vegas a F

a C for Dead Space 2:

And a B for... Black Ops:

JokesOnYou3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Who cares about metacritic, one look at all the video reviews for Halo4 from the bigname sites like IGN its easy to see the quality for yourself, the gameplay is silky smooth with the usual Halo finesse, tough enemies with top notch AI, the weapons are varied with kickass sound, the story is easily the best in any FPS, the graphics are amazing, this is game of the year folks. I never heard of this site, why should any Halo fan care about what Halo-haters like this guy thinks, I usually dont mind a negative or different opinion but he clearly has no creditability.....don't worry the game will sell a shiiii ton and best of all we'll be enjoying Halo4 for the next year+, while this fool waits for his next cheap payday pretending to be a game journalist blogging from his Moms basement like a vulture looking for hits/$.

The Chief is back!

bobtheimpaler3186d ago

Wow. Makes you wonder what games this reviewer actually enjoys playing.

Just seems like the dude is wasting his time doing something he doesn't like.

PtRoLLFacE3186d ago

don't worry, i already called chuck Norris to put a grenade up this guy arse! i was going to pay him but he said he ll do it for free, he ll probably use his suit costume and use his nick name "master chief" to make it look like an accident ;) by the way no one saw anything, if you talk, he ll come for you, good day.

zeroskie3186d ago

@JokesOnYou. Yeah we'd all like to ignore Metacritic, but the scores on that site directly affect how much the developers get paid by the publishers, etc... It's bullshit I know but guys like Tom Chicks like to trolling isn't totally harmless.

legoman8643185d ago

Wow, looking at all those scores; he probably doesn't like playing video games at all. Maybe he should pick another hobby.

papashango3185d ago

you know... The reason hhg was banned from n4g is because of his sensationalist Ways. This is not any different. if enough people report this this guys site regularly we can keep the gaming news free from fishing for hits review trolls.

GoldenGamer3185d ago

While not many gamers adhere to the scores on Metacritic, I seem to remember the developers of Fallout: New Vegas receiving a fine from Bethesda because their game didn't reach a certain score on Metacritic.

So while reviews in themselves are not important, the consequences of them are.

Perjoss3185d ago

Thanks for the summary Nimblest.

I assume he does this for attention and it seems to work perfectly? correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the most commented Halo4 'review' news article on N4G?

In the end if he didn't like it then nobody can say he's wrong as your own opinion is just that. does anyone know of any games he has given perfect scores to? just out of curiosity, just to see what his taste is.

SonyPS3603185d ago

Why do turds like this ever wind up on metacritic?

geddesmond3185d ago

To be quite honest though. None of those games he reviewed that you mentioned hold any sort of ground after the hype went away.

Uncharted 2 deserved the 9s and 10s it got because that game really was awesome. Uncharted 3 didn't have the same on the edge of your seat type of story and it had a few problems on release like the aiming dead zone issue which made it pure luck if you got head shots with ease. Its not a 2/5 but it dam sure ain't a 5/5 game. If UC2 gots 10s and its better than UC3 then should UC3 get those 10s too just because it has the Uncharted name?

The same with those other games mentioned. Catherine was unique but it had many issues. AC Revelations was just more of the same but the worst story in the series. Max Payne 3 SMH, I traded it in after a week.

What I'm trying to say is although the very low scores this reviewer gives are unbelievable. None of those games are jaw dropping 9s or 10s and I say this as an Uncharted fan.

Just because you love a series, it does not mean you have turn a blind eye to some of the issues in that series. You just have to hope and pray in the next installment the devs take those criticisms into account and try bring some new innovations to play around with.

People need to take off those fanboy glasses because its making their vision blury. Ask yourselves truthfully inside when you play a game. Is this game really what its made out to be? and if you answer yourself yes then who cares what others have to say about it. You got your enjoyment and moneys worth out of it and thats all that matters.

rjdofu3185d ago

And don't forget Zen pinball 3D guys, 10/10 from Mr Tom Chick.

profgerbik3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

IGN reviews was honestly no better than his just the complete opposite.

One guys rated it really low after playing it, IGN rated it really high before they even played the damn game.

Which is worse who cares, not me but I know Halo 4 is not amazing as everyone thinks. If you love CoD you probably love this easy FPS.

I have watched countless videos to try and persuade myself otherwise but every time I feel like it looks like the exact same Halo as forever and it even plays slower if that is even possible.

The characters just move so slow and just like in CoD all you see is people running around spraying and praying or in Halo's case spamming melee every time something is close and not only that managing to kill a full armored person in couple melee hits never made sense...

The game looks far too easy and this is becoming a trend lately with games, they become easier and easier just like CoD has.

I am tired of all these dumbed down FPS like CoD, Tribes, Planetside and Halo, I just am.. let the down votes come.. All those games used to be challenging and it shouldn't be acceptable that they have become far easier over the years.

Halo 4 sure it looks great but it's game play seems to be severely lacking with how slow it is and the whole melee thing I have always thought was dumb is still there just as easy to use as before.

I just look at games like Half Life 2: Deathmatch or the first Tribes, games that took some real skill to play and the players moved at incredible speeds, making it extremely challenging to ever get a head shot or even hit them for that matter.

Now Half Life doesn't even exist practically anymore, Valve trashed it for Portal is what it seems.. and look at what the new Tribes has become.. another dumbed down game.

The new Tribes just like most other FPS these days had to cater to the noobs by making the game slower than it used to be and removing a lot of the functions that made the game even more difficult to play like the grappling hook.

I am just sick and tired of this pathetic trend, developers though are so scared these days because they all are hanging on by a thread I completely understand why they do it but still it blows.

I ain't saying I agree with this dude or even IGN for that matter, I just wanted to give my own personal opinion on FPS now a days and what I have actually seen of Halo 4 other than graphics has not be impressive at all.

x5exotic3185d ago

He sounds like a great reviewer

Capt-FuzzyPants3185d ago

At least he's consistent. Maybe he just reviews in different standards. I don't think when reviewers find negatives they should still give it a 10. If they find a negative they should take some points off for it because there are undeniably some games that get 10s that are better than another game with a 10.

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colonel1793186d ago

He writes reviews like that because he could never get past the fact that his mommy never got a Nintendo for Christmas.

What kind of games does he like? Angry Birds? Hannah Montana?

3185d ago
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OldParr3185d ago

he stated his opinion and claimed that the game sucks. I just hope that I don't see him online bitching about it and giving a hard time for those that do really like the game.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3185d ago

Never heard of this website until now. Why do they give so many 100's to games and give Halo a 1? That's weird.

No name websites get to go on metacritic now? Crazy!

Syntax-Error3185d ago

Just look at the related stories at the bottom of the screen and you will see this guy is just being an asshole


wow this review gave me cancer, made me go to the jedi side with no cookies, made me make love to honey boo boo's mom, made me a beibeliver, and made me like all of uwe bowl movies

Monstar3185d ago

That's all you can figure out? It might have nothing to do with the fact that he just doesn't like Halo 4 and doesn't approve of it's slow evolution process? Not everyone in the world can love one game, nor can they be considered trolls or haters if they think the game hasn't progressed enough with new and fresh ideas. Which IMO it hasn't. Halo 4 still feels TOO much like previous Halo's and for some, it's enough to dislike it. Your forcing your opinion on his (and u haven't even played the game) and disagree with the review because it doesn't match yours and feel because he is in the minority, he is somehow wrong..ditch that primitive mentality and Get over yourself.

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dedicatedtogamers3186d ago

Attention whores, unite!

Even if you've moved past the Halo series on to other franchises, anyone with eyes can see that the game is at LEAST a 4/5 in terms of overall quality and polish.

bubblebeam3185d ago

Agreed. I'm happy to see that the N4G community, whether PS3, 360, PC or Nintendo oriented can all agree (mostly) that this is a bullcrap review. A 2/10 means your game is broken and practically unplayable.

Kudos to the N4G community. Flag this site down, so we don't have to see this come next year with other big games (Bioshock, God Of War, Gears Of War, Beyond:2S. etc).

Monstar3185d ago

Different reviews with different numbered conclusions. Graphics and polish doesn't mean what it use to for some. A review can easily lower the score greatly due to gameplay a lone, because in the end...that's what makes or breaks a game and according to this reviewers opinion, the game feels too dated or too similar....simple!

aviator1893186d ago

Eh, I'm not even going to bother saying anything here.
My energy's all used up with that EGM review.

iNFAMOUZ13185d ago

and the fanboys stil disagree with every positive comment LOL

TrevorPhillips3186d ago

I'm just going to enjoy the game when I pick it up tonight at midnight launch! I love Halo :)

Sargerus3186d ago

who the hell is Tom Chick?

Nimblest-Assassin3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

That guy who gave uncharted 3 a 4 out of 10, and thinks he is better than everyone else

HammadTheBeast3186d ago

And Journey 2/5 for trying too hard to be different.

Mkai283185d ago

I was wondering the same thing, does that mean he is a transsexual?