Compilation of FFXIII Screens & Art

Screenshots and art from all three of the Final Fantasy XIII games - FFXIII and Versus XIII for PS3, and Agito XIII for mobile.

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THE TRUTH5909d ago

Just looks stunning and I'm interested in seeing how square will change the gameplay aspects, it has that matrix type feel to it now. Squares white engine is the best I have seen this far this generation!

The more I think about the PS3 the more I'm thinking of selling my launch console on eBay and buying one later in the year after the main "rush" is over! Plus with the pains my launch 360 is causing me lately I'd much rather have a after launch console than the first set that rolls off the assembly line! I hope 360 has some great game this Christmas GOW, phantsay star universe online, and marvel alliance should hold me off until I feel comfortable getting a PS3!

This game will sell console and I think square is on the verge of another type "FF7" game that really shakes the industry. Only time will tell but I have high expectations of this game hopefully square comes through

DJ5909d ago

The FFXIII gameplay just looks phenomenal and blows away Sakaguchi's 360 rpgs, which is funny considering he started the franchise. But I guess he couldn't keep up with the times and evolve along with the demands of the videogame industry.

It'll definitely be one of those games that you can show off to make your friends jealous.

i own u5908d ago

FF games have always been fun, and i'm not a fan of turn-based RPG's.

If this game does somehow turn out to be a traditional turn-based kinda game, it'll still be fun, but i would like to see a new system.

truth i have to agree with you, but don't expect too much out of the ps3 in its first full year. Expect just as much as the 360 in 2005 and 2006 or perhaps alittle bit more