Compilation of FFXIII Screens & Art

Screenshots and art from all three of the Final Fantasy XIII games - FFXIII and Versus XIII for PS3, and Agito XIII for mobile.

THE TRUTH6269d ago

Just looks stunning and I'm interested in seeing how square will change the gameplay aspects, it has that matrix type feel to it now. Squares white engine is the best I have seen this far this generation!

The more I think about the PS3 the more I'm thinking of selling my launch console on eBay and buying one later in the year after the main "rush" is over! Plus with the pains my launch 360 is causing me lately I'd much rather have a after launch console than the first set that rolls off the assembly line! I hope 360 has some great game this Christmas GOW, phantsay star universe online, and marvel alliance should hold me off until I feel comfortable getting a PS3!

This game will sell console and I think square is on the verge of another type "FF7" game that really shakes the industry. Only time will tell but I have high expectations of this game hopefully square comes through

DJ6269d ago

The FFXIII gameplay just looks phenomenal and blows away Sakaguchi's 360 rpgs, which is funny considering he started the franchise. But I guess he couldn't keep up with the times and evolve along with the demands of the videogame industry.

It'll definitely be one of those games that you can show off to make your friends jealous.

i own u6269d ago

FF games have always been fun, and i'm not a fan of turn-based RPG's.

If this game does somehow turn out to be a traditional turn-based kinda game, it'll still be fun, but i would like to see a new system.

truth i have to agree with you, but don't expect too much out of the ps3 in its first full year. Expect just as much as the 360 in 2005 and 2006 or perhaps alittle bit more


Interview: Making music with Masashi Hamauzu

Square Enix Blog: "How do you compose iconic songs that help define a legacy? We speak to legendary composer Masashi Hamauzu about his work on Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy VII Remake, and how to make unforgettable music."

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Final Fantasy XVI’s Success Proves FFXIII Never Deserved the Hate

The black sheep of modern Final Fantasy shares the most DNA with 'Final Fantasy XVI’s successful design choices.

-Foxtrot148d ago

Huh? XIII was just terrible

Even something singular like characters in XVI are better

luckytrouble148d ago

Even as someone that actually kind of likes 13, probably helped by the fact I expected to absolutely hate it, man it could not be more different from 16. There isn't a single element I can more than loosely correlate between the two titles.

banger88148d ago

The main difference for me is the characters. I love the characters in FFXVI, I HATED the characters in FFXIII with a passion. F****** hated them. Every. Single. One.

RpgSama148d ago


Every single character sucked.

babadivad148d ago

I liked Lightning, didn't mind Zhaz and Vanille. I HATED that kid. I don't even remember his name. I never bothered touching his stats to upgrade him. I hated him.

Flawlessmic148d ago

I really dont get this comparison at all, outside of them being linear that's where the comparison starts and ends for me really.

Ff13 is a weird one for me, it's actually one of the only mainline ff games I havent finished and didn't even bother with the sequels.

I don't remember even hating it at the time, like i thought it was ok, just yea never got into it like I normally do with a ff game.

Ff13 isn't on the same level as 16 not even close though.

Even if you hated 16s combat the story, world and characters are so fantastic you will push through just to see the story's end

SegaSaturn669148d ago

FF13: Mash X button - win battle. Walk thru straight corridor, repeat.

Harkins1721148d ago

I remember 13 having some thinking involved and not just mashing X.

jwillj2k4148d ago

The FF 16 demo was similar in that aspect. “Smash square to win” it’s why I didn’t buy the full game.

MrBaskerville148d ago

I wouldn't go that far, battle system does have it's moments. But maybe mainly in later boss fights. Start of game is pretty braindead though.

goldwyncq148d ago

XIII also has setting up paradigms in advance and switching to the most appropriate one during battles, but of course people who haven't played it think spamming Auto-battle is the only thing you ever do in combat.

MrBaskerville148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

While the paradigm system was cool, I do think it takes long before it amounts to more than spamming auto battle. And while I remember a great deal of good fights, there's also an awful lot of auto-battle spam fights in between which is easy to forget because of the more memorable moments.

Same might be said about older FF games, but I still think they had a little morr flavour in basic fights. XIII has the issue that you can choose between a couple of actions, but they all feel like they amount to the same outcome.

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shinoff2183148d ago

Even if you hated 16s combat the story, world and characters are so fantastic you will push through just to see the story's end

Me in a nutshell

andy85148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

@jwillj2k4 it doesn't work in the full game though, have to remember that's the very start of the game and all final fantasies are the same. If you do that throughout it'll take 10x longer to finish the game, the combos and eikon abilities are what's used

jwillj2k4148d ago

I’m sure there’s more you can do. My issue is that unlike FF7R there’s no reason TO do it. In 7R the game creates a feeling of making you want to do other moves since you’ll die if you just spam. In 16 winning just takes longer which makes it feel broken.

Hofstaderman148d ago

No, it does deserve the hate. This game left with such a hollow feeling after I first booted it up. The ONLY Final Fantasy game I have never replayed.