Wii Channels in English

Here are the first screenshots of the Wii's innovative Channel's with English text. The new shots show the Message Boards, Virtual Console and Mii Channels in action, with the crazy squiggles of previous shots replaced with text us normal folk can understand.

According to sources at Nintendo, the Wii Channels are still in development and so these shots aren't final, but it's all looking pretty good to us. One thing though- it looks like every retro game you download from the Virtual Console will get its own Channel thumbnail, with one shot showing five retro games each on different thumbnails.

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ChickeyCantor6270d ago (Edited 6270d ago )

hahah Ps3fan voted lame!! and not even with a reason!!!!!!!!!
blo0dy idiot

im not the only one who is saying this but MODS if you are reading this REMOVE the lame or cool voting cozz they dont even put why they voted


This Is My Joystick Podcast: To Wii U or not to Wii U?

Neil Hickton, Andy Buick and Alan Mollison from This Is My Joystick get together to talk about November’s notable (and not so notable) game releases and beyond.

In this episode, Neil H, Andy B and Big Al talk about:

■What they’ve been playing
■Wii U ”Bricking” update issue
■Wii U launch titles
■Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Wii U
■Mass Effect 3: Special Edition Wii U
■New Super Mario Bros. Wii U
■Nintendo Land Wii U
■Rayman Legends Wii U
■ZombiU Wii U
■Trine 2: Director’s Cut Wii U
■Toki Tori 2 Wii U
■Nano Assault Neo Wii U
■WWE 13
■Need for Speed Most Wanted
■Football Manager 2013
■Just Dance 4
■Silent Hill: Book of Memories
■Halo 4
■Little Big Planet Karting
■Call of Duty Black Ops 2
■Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified
■Epic Mickey 2
■Hitman: Absolution
■Assassins Creed 3
■Lego Lord of the Rings
■Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition
■Far Cry 3
■One Eyed Monsters

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Wii U BC The Most Ghetto BC Ever

Talk about being 100% backwards compatible… or just being 100% backwards in general.

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Muffins12234038d ago

Not getting a wiiu but that's very cool.

SpiralTear4037d ago

That's not 100% backwards at all. At least you can play your Wii games on the Wii U. Yes, upscaling would be cool, but I would hardly call that a real dealbreaker.

cleft54037d ago

So true and considering the upscaling thing was one of the bigger problems for the ps3 and 360 it isn't surprising they left it out. It would have been nice, but like you said at least you can play your Wii games.

bubblebeam4037d ago

Hmmm. I'm still debating whether I'll get one right away.
I'm so excited by the Wii U, but at the same time there are no real 'deal breaker' games at launch that I don't have on 360 and PS3.

I got to play NSMBU, and it was much funner than I had anticipated. I'm eager to find out what ZombiU will turn out like as well.

I'll probably just succumb to my own excitement and get one a few days after it launches (Provided it doesn't sell out). I'm sure many others are super excited to see what Metroid, Zelda and many of the JRPG's will be like on the Wii U. It has the potential to be better than both the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

cleft54037d ago

Honestly, if you don't see anything you want right away then just wait a month or two. Make sure you purchase the WiiU because there are several quality titles or features that you want. Don't let your purchase of the WiiU turn into a situation where you play with the machine once and then never play it again. That happened to a lot of people with the Wii. So make sure you will actually be using the WiiU a lot before you buy it. I am going to get a WiiU a few months down the line, but right now there are enough quality titles to satisfy me.

bubblebeam4037d ago

Oh god no. I don't plan on letting it collect dust. I'll probably be buying most multi-plats on the Wii U PLUS exclusives.

My PS3 and 360 will be solely for exclusives, provided there are enough online players on the Wii U.

scottd4037d ago

I don't like how Nintendo does backwards comp, but its the same as it was on Wii for playing game cube games. You had to boot into game cube mode to play GC games and all Wii functionality was turned off because you were basically playing a game cube.

FlairSomewhere4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Well "boot into gamecube mode" to me just meant, put gamecube disc in disc slot, play game.

PopRocks3594037d ago

Like anyone else's BC model is any better. Most PS3s don't play PS2 games and the 360's backwards compatibility is a joke. Many 360 slims can't even play original Xbox discs, only downloaded games.

sandman2244037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

I'm not buying a wii u for backward compatibility. I'm buying to for forward/New gaming experiance. I'm sick of people wanting backward compatibility consoles. Why so you can play your old games on new hardware? Here's a thought for you cry babies, don't sell your old console and use it for your old games.

christheredhead4037d ago

You're sick of people wanting BC? You should probably lighten up a bit, its not that big of a deal. Honestly, it should be offered as an option if anything. I'm sure people wouldn't mind paying a little more for an SKU that offers it.

There are gamers who want it because they've amassed a nice collection over the years. I keep my consoles hooked up at all times though. My living room tv has snes, 64, dreamcast, ps2, xbox, wii, ps3 and 360.

Its not about playing old games on new hardware. It would be nice to condense some of them down and play my titles through 1 console is all. People, like myself, have hundreds of games on their shelf that essentially become obsolete unless you keep the old hardware. Some convenience would be nice is all. Its not necessarily a make or break situation, just ease of use to further support your product as a whole would be cool.

sandman2244037d ago

Chris the red head, I understand why you would want the option of backward comp., you are a true gamer to own all those consoles, but in the business world the manufacters want to make money and not lose money also I'd rather have Microsoft/Sony focus there engineering on moving forward and not sacrificing ram/internal components then to please the very few who own all the consoles. If anything they can put your classic games on live marketplace or psn/soe. And you can repurchase the games on there. That would be even more conveinant. Because you'll never have to put a disc in the tray and wait for it to load.

FlairSomewhere4037d ago


you just lost everyone.

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Why Wii U is a Kids Toy

Why Nintendo's new game system is completely useless to anyone over the age of 12. A parody.

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-Mika-4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Say what you want but the cow did make some good points. From the cases to the OS. It does make the system look childish. It doesn't have the sophisticated look that Sony or MS gamecases/OS has.

Nintendo is a family/children company. So to the core gamers that buying this system. Expect the OS interface to look childish and expect everything to look kiddy. That just how it is when it comes to Nintendo as you can see from their past handhelds/consoles.

chadboban4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

You do realize that this is EXTREMELY sarcastic right? I mean for crying out loud the description says "parody". I thought you would of gotten that when you read the last line:

"They should make it like Sony does the Playstation, design it for no one. Look at the PS3!"

*Picture of PS3 Super Slim*

"Not a single part of its design process considered the costumer, and that’s why I love it. They focus on the tech, not on stupid things like “concave triggers” and “updating the Dual Shock design to standards that aren’t from 1998.”

"Nintendo still thinks that success comes from giving people something they can use, instead of something that looks good on a tech sheet."

"What idiots."

But why am I even surpised? Of course you'd obviously believe he was being serious because he basically said alot of things that you spew all the time. It's almost like in order to make himself sound like a retarded fanboy he took notes directly from you.

Gr814042d ago

I say Oh Brother because I knew this parody would bring out the trolls such as yourself and not see the humor here and instead go off on a nonsensical rant..such as what you did.

In any case, it was a well written article.

Griffin48714042d ago

You really just fail, don't you? He was being sarcastic. Such a fanboy...

MegaLagann4041d ago

I hope you realize this was a satire making fun of people like you.

stragomccloud4041d ago

Dude. It was a sarcastic article. You always provide loads of laughter.