Aftermath: Destroying the Battlefield and shaking the player

DICE has posted an update on the official Battlefield Blog to give us a “flythrough” of one of Aftermath’s maps, Epicenter.

According to Level Artist Pontus Ryman, DICE wanted to bring the earthquake from single-player into multiplayer with the Aftermath expansion.

"The aftershocks in the level go off with a randomized timer, so no one knows when the next shock is going to hit, making it a dynamic experience. The raw sound of the thundering earthquake combines with everything from car alarms going off to dogs barking in the distance just before the shake and debris with dust falling from buildings. Coupled with the literal shaking of the player, it really creates a unique multiplayer experience."

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yodawins2884d ago

sweet looks really good.

nitrogav2884d ago

Looks better than good , looks amazing . This game just gets better and better !! .

Abdou232884d ago

I'd like to know what kind of maps will it be, i only play: Metro,Bazar,Sien.

Hufandpuf2884d ago

I looks like there will be a mix of open areas and compact areas within each map.

Andreas-Sword2884d ago

I think, "Aftermath" will be a good mix of "Bad Company 2" and "Back to Karkand".

hardcorehippiez2884d ago

looking forward to this. battlefield3 just keeps getting better and better.

pandehz2884d ago

How does BF3 get better and better every time?

Good for me I got in on the action from beta :D

yoyo121212883d ago

Can you top speaking like a dumbass?

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