Reasons I'm Buying a Wii

Miguel Cortés points out some less obvious reasons why he intends to be picking up a Wii on launch day.

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Marriot VP5905d ago

reason #11, you want carpul tunnel??


ChickeyCantor5905d ago

lik he said. i also want something new and i know xbox360 and ps3 aint giving that.......i will own them soon .......or at least later.
but Wii will be mine on day 1.

bszelda5904d ago

I will definetely be buying the Wii on day 1. I already have a spot on my table in my room just for the wii and some new wii games...:)

ChickeyCantor5904d ago (Edited 5904d ago )

i also have a nice spot for it under my tv and even put the xbox back in the box so i can place my Wii motes there and GCN will be removed too ......if wii can do GCN games i dont need a GCN wii will get allot of space!!!!!!

linkrocks75904d ago

wonder where he preordered the wii?