Lost Planet Multiplayer Demo Confirmed

It may be one of the most awkward ways to confirm the release of a demo but at least we now officially know the guys have Capcom are planning to release a multiplayer demo of Lost Planet later this year.

The company revealed their plans at the end of a Lost Planet trailer that got released on the Marketplace during the "Bringing It Home" campaign late last week. There is message right at the end of the trailer, written in French for people to "crack" (or Google Translate)" that reads "Multiplayer demo coming Winter 2006"

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bizzy125904d ago

cool now we get the best of both worlds and its not a fps .graphics and good game play i caint wait.

TheMART5904d ago

No surprise, everybody already knew, right?

Sphinx5904d ago

...Zoidy voted lame, big surprise.

This game is a must-buy if the online multiplayer is descent!

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The story is too old to be commented.