Dead Island: Riptide Preview - Details On The New Character And Town | Game Informer

Tim Turi writes: If you read issue 235 of Game Informer, then you learned about Dead Island: Riptide's introduction of new playable character John Morgan and the new city of Henderson. For those not in the know, here's a quick rundown on the melee-focused fighter and swanky resort town.

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Cirran2269d ago

*expects glitches all over the place* Still getting it tho. Is one of the better coop games around.

camel_toad2269d ago

Yeh I can't wait to see the bug features. I wonder if they will list the bugs on the back of the box this time.

Treian2269d ago

that looks like Ellis from L4D2

ABizzel12269d ago

I was thinking the same thing. A mature / older Ellis.

maniacmayhem2269d ago

I really do hope they can clean up the game and fix the glitches that plauged the first. Had a lot of fun playing the first one with my friends.

But I wish Valve would come out with another L4D, for some reason I find that game a whole lot better and much more enjoyable than Dead Island.

camel_toad2269d ago

Yep its the infected in L4D that make it so fun. Playing as or against them is just plain old fun.

nofallouthero2269d ago

wait isnt there already a melee class how will he be different

Pintheshadows2269d ago

I'm getting an Under Siege vibe from this characters backstory.