No GTA V on Wii U is a mistake

Gimme Gimme Games argues that Rockstar had an opportunity to make games like Grand Theft Auto successful on Nintendo home consoles with a port of GTA V to the Wii U and that they are blowing their chance to get the Nintendo audience on board with their most popular IP.

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BringingTheThunder2176d ago

no mention of chinatown wars on ds in this article is a mistake

mrbojingles2176d ago

"The Wii U customer base in May 2013 will be far different and more open to mature games like GTA than the Wii, DS or Cube’s ever were and that’s because it will be young."


"They didn’t have to worry about the poor software sales and apathetic user base of the struggling GameCube, they didn’t have to struggle to convince the casual base who bought Wii Fit and Brain Age to purchase their games for the Wii and DS. "

I think that's referring to Chinatown, in that Rockstar wouldn't have a hard time selling GTA to a casual user base like when Chinatown released on DS since the Wii U's user base isn't decided yet.

BringingTheThunder2176d ago

the first line makes it seem like you totally forgot about chinatown wars

cee7732176d ago

GTA stimulates console sales period this is the upper hand ps360 has over Wii U it will sell millions of ps360's if its as controversial as its predorcessors and that's a given imo.

Abash2176d ago

It's about as big of a mistake as McDonalds not having more options for vegetarians. Meaning that Rockstar is still going to make massive amounts of money still without GTAV on Wii U

It's a big mistake for Nintendo as it makes the Wii U look less appealing without one of the biggest releases of 2013 not being on their new console especially when they are trying to say "Look we get all the third party series too"

mrbojingles2176d ago

Can't be a mistake for Nintendo, since they don't, y'know make GTA? They have no choice in the matter. They simply work with what they're given.

And the opinion piece at the link discusses the 'massive amounts of money' that the game will make without the Wii U. Since they will make hundreds of million dollars profit on the game without a Wii U version, a port to Wii U isn't much of a risk and the worst that would happen is they get a few million more GTA fans.

Abash2176d ago


Money talks, they could pay Rockstar enough money to get a Wii U version of GTAV and make it worth their while to develop on Wii U.

ronin4life2176d ago

Nintendo has said they don't buy exclusives. If a game is on their console, it is either a choice of the third party or a collaboration.

PopRocks3592176d ago


If Rockstar itself does not feel a Wii U port is worth it, they probably won't do it. Not every publisher can be bought out that way, you know. Rockstar is one of the most successful in the business if I'm not mistaken.

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LX-General-Kaos2176d ago

Rockstar and Nintendo will both be ok and come out alive from this. There is nothing to worry about.

nrvalleytime2176d ago

Agreed. And maybe for the first time ever. :-)

Jinkies2176d ago

Let them port it later, I don't want it to be delayed just so the Wii U audience can play it. It's GTA...if people really want to play it they'll buy a PS3 or 360.

Neonridr2176d ago

I agree with the author, it doesn't make any sense not to port their game over. Ubisoft has said it costs them about 1 million dollars to port over a game from the 360 or PS3. Even if it was to cost 15-20 million and the game sold 2 million copies on Wii U. That's 100 million in lost revenue (120 million - 20 million for production). What company is that dumb not to do the simple math and make that happen?

The average gamer is now 35 years old. The gamers that have been around since the beginning aren't so easy to dismiss Nintendo, usually it's the younger, "hipper" crowd that thinks Nintendo is for kids. Us older gamers who grew up on systems as early as the NES or prior understand there is value to be had with a Nintendo console.

Rockstar definitely dropped the ball, it'll be interesting to see if they change their minds once they see how well the Wii U sells.

Technical World2176d ago

Beyond the fact that aren't they revealing more news soon where they could in fact announce, "Hey, it's coming to Wii U too!" since they've done nothing but release some pictures and a trailer so far, if I was making GTA V I would think to myself, if people want to buy GTA V wouldn't they already have owned a PS3 or Xbox 360 to play GTA IV? I mean while it would be good for Nintendo and I really hope it is released for the Wii U because Nintendo has to be my favorite out of the big three it isn't going to really help them that much although it would help Nintendo.

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