Medal of Honor Warfighter Review (Planet Xbox 360)

Not as bad as people are saying, but the flaws are quite noticeable.

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Grimhammer002179d ago

I'm digging the mp. Graphics aren't up to standards today....but let me tell you what I've experienced that isn't always done this well -

Lag free...maybe once or twice in we'll over 100 games.

No pop in after 2 secs from beginning of match.

Draw distance is great.
Fast and melee animation is sweet. Though the groin chop is not in mp, only sp. :(

All the stuff we never fault other shooters for like capture flag mode, or team death match. They're here and work great!

Smoke, flames and particle effects are really good. As is lighting.

Frame rate dips when action gets crazy...but it's no worse than a halo or cod.

But moh2 is destined for discounts and binning. It's what happens when any dev/publisher dares to compete against cods or halos. (Which I agree are superior to moh2 in everyway)

Still...moh2 is easily a 7/10.

unchartedxplorer2179d ago

Well this game is crashing and burning...according to the reviewers