Halo 4 Hoax Letter Attempts to Shame Game Journalists, 343 Industries, TriplePoint PR

Gameranx: "An absurd image surfaced some hours ago, purporting what appears to be a letter from TriplePoint PR to a member of the gaming press—congratulating him for being chosen to review Halo 4."

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Snookies122273d ago

Okay....? What's the point of this exactly?

kamper2273d ago

Ye, what's that all about?

drizzom2272d ago

Check out NeoGAF. Theres a topic about all this that chronicles the events fairly well.

doogiebear2272d ago

u guys have too much time on your hands, if, in just a few hours, you know every little rumor that bounces around on every little forum. Who cares???

Temporary2272d ago

Some people's lives revolve around their console. It's pretty sad.

geddesmond2272d ago

you really have to ask? Halo controversy equals traffic

leathers1232272d ago

Haters creating drama. Be it sony or pc.

If someone has nothing better to with life, it should be taken away.

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nrvalleytime2273d ago

"That this obvious forgery has managed to gain as much traction as it has points out the volatility of game journalism's reputation in the regards of gamers, and why we need to start doing more to win back their trust, assuming we ever had it in the first place."


drizzom2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Seems like a good topic to not take seriously and help generate hits and clicks for the next couple of weeks.

CrzyFooL2273d ago

Not cool bruh. Halo 4 has earned its amazing reviews.

KingPin2273d ago

been reading those reviews, i think its time i bought a 360. went back and played halo 1 and 2 and i must say they aged well. still fun as ever. yes i know bungie made the first 3 etc, but from the reviews seems like 343 may have outdone bungie.

i bought a ps3 this gen mainly coz i thought it was better choice for me personally. so yeah been missing some 360 exclusives.

but i can pick up one now for dirt cheap and even the games, pre-played are now really pocket friendly prices.

MariaHelFutura2273d ago

Owning all the systems every gen if you can afford to, is always a good idea.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2272d ago

enjoy ur 3 aaa games then.

alan wake/fable 3 is nice on pc.

Temporary2272d ago

You've been missing like 3 total of 360 exclusives (unless you count kinect) ...but gaining dozens of quality PS3 exclusives ... I dont see your logic...

I own all 3 consoles, I prefer the PS3 because of its selection of games, and PS+ gives me even more free games on top of that, but I cant deny gears and halo are amazing titles.

Septic2273d ago

Look at the jealous fanboys disagreeing.

Seriously, the general consensus has been that Halo is unanimously a success and an.excellent addition to the seminal series.

I guess haters gonna hate.

bubblebeam2272d ago


No point in arguing. Exclusives always get 10x the hate as any multiplat game (cod excluded).

Whether it be Uncharted, Metroid, Halo etc. Some people can't accept the fact that they are some of the best games ever made, but they let blind loyalty get in the way of their decisions.

I'd like to think that it is a new generation of idiotic, immature brats rather than older, supposedly more mature adults. If it is the latter, than the gaming industry will never evolve past this geekfest and never be taken seriously.

Seriously, if you can't afford both an Xbox AND a PS3, there is something wrong with you. Have to be a doll bludger/welfare recipient, or a teenager with no job.

JC_Denton2272d ago

There wasn't a single "fanboy" comment made before this comment.

bubblebeam2272d ago


Septic was referring to the disagrees that "crzyFooL" received. If you disagree that it hasn't earned its reviews, you'd have to be blind.

A 3 year dev cycle is good enough in my books.

Septic2272d ago

Yeah I was referring to the disagrees. Reading can take you a long way. Lol look at the bitter disagrees. Shame, your're the ones missing out on one of the best killer apps this gen.

Temporary2272d ago

I think in regards of who's missing out the most...360 owners who hate the PS3 are the ones missing out on the best games this Gen. It's not even a question. I feel bad for these poor children that cant afford 2 consoles.

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Godmars2902272d ago

Try that again a week *after* its released.

eliteslaya132273d ago

Why do people hate Halo so much? I simply don't understand the hate for it, if you don't like it, just don't play it and that would be it.

LAWSON722272d ago

Well something that is known by more people are going to have a lot mpre haters then something less known like cod and halo.

bubblebeam2272d ago

Because it is an exclusive. People hate what they can't have, it's jealousy. They know Halo is superb, they are just trying to convince themselves that they don't want or need it, when deep down they know they do.

Happens to Wii, PS3 and PC games as well. Some people never grow up. I pity them, as I know that THEY are missing out. The 90 Metacritic score for this game agrees.

JC_Denton2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

I think the reason why people hate on it so much is pretty much the same reason people hate Call of Duty.

bubblebeam2272d ago


People hate on CoD because it is too similar. Halo has always changed (except for ODST, which was still excellent IMO).

I don't like CoD, but I also don't hate on it like some people. Though the reason I don't like it myself is because they are too similar. They are still good games though.

TheRealSpy2272d ago

people hate on halo because they need to justify their belief that if they buy a 360, they're traitors. rather than give it a fair chance, they just keep telling themselves that it's a "generic shooter."

it's just denial. desperate, pathetic denial.

Sargerus2272d ago Show
Christopher2272d ago

The same reason people hate on any exclusive title. It's an exclusive title.

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GraveLord2273d ago

This letter may be a hoax, but what it is trying to do is expose what happens behind the scenes. Reviewers who have given Halo high review scores in the past are the first(if not the only) to get early review copies. Same goes for every other game out there. Typically the AAA games.

ALLWRONG2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

A lie is supposed to expose the "truth" which is a lie? WTF planet are you living on?

Halo 4 got good reviews, get over it.

A lie for a lie

Godmars2902272d ago

You'd be better at pointing out the $2000 worth of stuff companies use (?) to hand out along with review copies. That was like 5-6 years ago and that's when the alarm bells should have going off.

Summons752272d ago

mmmmm conspiracy theories in the morning....

Publishers only pay off when they KNOW the game is bad. Halo 4 got excellent reviews because it's an excellent game and no other reason. Just like Uncharted gets amazing scores because it's amazing.

Take off the tin foil and think maybe people give games good reviews because just MAYBE it's a good game even if it's not your cup of tea. I don't like God of War but I still acknowledge that it was great gameplay mechanics and flows really well for the pace of the game, if I were to review it I would probably give it a good score despite it not being my cup of tea, just because I don't like it dosen't mean other won't.

Godmars2902272d ago

Didn't Halo Reach receive high review scores then was reexamined? Halo 3 even lost some of its shine soon after it gamers rather than reviewers got their hands on it.

The same is likely going to happen to four, the same way its happened to many other games.

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