Halo 4's Mackenzie Mason Brings Cortana To Life In FanBolt Interview

FanBolt writes: "In the interview that follows, she has a lot of great things to say and provides some good insight about her role and the game itself."

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Jinkies2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

No offense to Mackenzie Mason but whats with all this "Brings Cortana to life" crap thats said in most articles...yeah I know she does the mo cap but the REAL person who brings Cortana to life in my opinion is the talented Jen Taylor, without her voice acting skills Cortana wouldn't be the same.

Wheres the Jen Taylor love

FanboltGaming2175d ago

They compliment each other.

Jen Taylor's voice is great, but you also have to give credit to Mack's physical and emotional presence that will be seen when watching Cortana.

Jinkies2175d ago

Yeah but they've never relied on her before...Cortana in the other games was still good without Mason.

FanboltGaming2175d ago

I guess I can't reply directly again...

@Jinkies - That's true, but Halo 4 is going to take Cortana to a completely new level.

newn4gguy2175d ago

Mason does a great job.

Jen Taylor is the one I have a problem with. I just don't believe her voice acting.

GiantFriendlyCrab2175d ago

she look way different without makeup,

2175d ago