Grand Theft Auto V pre-order hits Best Buy and GameStop with poster bonus

XMNR: Following Amazon's decision to take Grand Theft Auto V pre-orders early Thursday, both Best Buy and GameStop decided to do the same as well for the PS3 and Xbox 360 game. The two retailers are also throwing in a bonus to hang on your wall.

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2179d ago Replies(3)

going to gamestop first thing in the morning before i brave the long lines in endless pursuit for fuel.

Nimblest-Assassin2179d ago

I pre ordered yesterday, my gamestop didn't have anything, they never recieved it

Not sure if this bonus is America only

unchartedxplorer2179d ago

I'm waiting until november 5th so then I can pre-order it from rockstars website

crimsonfox2179d ago

I hear you on that, they gave out burger shot t shirts when IV came out, but yesterday I pre-ordered 2 copies and got two posters and two photo viewers I just put 5 bucks down on both, I got the "grape seed" and "zancudo valley" one but I will move my GameStop money to something else latter but my Special edition purchase will be with R* for sure

MasterD9192179d ago

Gonna pre-order just for the poster and most likely keep my original order elsewhere...

GTA has awesome posters.

Brandon_25352179d ago

I'm waiting a while before I pre-order just in case they announce a special edition or something.

BlmThug2179d ago

Same. My most anticipated game ever so I will be buying the absoloute complete edition with all the goodies

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