Need for Speed: Most Wanted Review: Ambitious, beautiful, frustrating | CVG

CVG: "Fairhaven is less a race track and more a playground - but a race track is exactly what Most Wanted needed most."

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Soldierone2178d ago

My main question is, does it play like "The Run" or does it play like "Hot Pursuit"?

I didn't like The Run because of its clunky "Realistic" controls. Hot Pursuit was hella fun though

moparful992178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

It plays more like burnout paradise but the controls are a little "tighter".

I'm Loving the game so far.. I'm #4 on the most wanted list and not in a rush to reach number 1... I'm having a blast just driving around and exploring.

I think most people will like that you dont have to win certain races to unlock cars you just drive around and find them parked on the side of the road or tucked into corners, drive up to it, hop in, drive off...

Each car has its own set of races to complete to unlock mods and once you earn enough Credit you can take on a Most Wanted rival.

It all works really well and its one of the most enjoyable racing games of this generation in my opinion.

EDIT: Ohh and multiplayer is a blast, it's all free roam and racing around with buddies or strangers online is pure fun..

creeping judas2178d ago

@ Soldierone

I'm the opposite, I liked the more realistic feel of The Run, and I don't like the more arcady feel of Most Wanted.

Blankman852178d ago

Racing game of the again goes to Forza then?

2178d ago
DrDeath2178d ago

I bought it for vita and its a solid 9/10 for the platform it's running. At first I as bummed about the graphics because they weren't the same as ps3. But I expected they wouldn't be Really. It's the best racing game on any handheld by an extreme margin. Bar none. Maybe it's just above on average on its console counterparts. In the eyes of the beholder

semlohd2169d ago

Were it not for the frustrating as all hell rubber banding, this game would be brilliant. As it is, it's utter shite. Wish I hadn't bothered.