Hitman Absolution originally started with 47 as “a filthy homeless guy with a three-legged dog”

Leon: I would have loved to have seen this version of Absolution: according to IO the game very nearly had a completely different story that saw 47 starting the game as a hobo with dog. And possibly a shotgun.

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MaxXAttaxX2174d ago

Sam Fisher, Max Payne and almost 47.

Cam9772175d ago

This would've been hilarious to see!

NovusTerminus2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

They should make a short based off of that! It would be EPIC!

prototypeknuckles2175d ago

just looking at the title alone, lmao

BlackPrince 422175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

So in other words they were going to take Agent 47 down the Sam Fischer route.

Ok, glad that didn't happen, but the more I see and hear about this game, the more it looks like it's going to jump the shark.

I don't know exactly how yet, but if ideas like were being seriously considered, then that's cause for concern.

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The story is too old to be commented.