Halo 4 is the romance of Master Chief and Cortana, disguised as a combat game

The latest DeanBeat column from Dean Takahashi at GamesBeat is about how you come for the combat and stay for the love story in Halo 4.

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Sp1d3ynut2201d ago

If that truly is a plot element, your title is a f*cking spoiler, you jerk.

Chuk52201d ago

Not really. There has always been a sort of allusion to romance between Chief and Cortana, so I don't see why you're up in arms.

deantak2201d ago

well, now, this argument goes back to the original Halo. So I wouldn't say the title is a spoiler. Who didn't know this?

darkronin2292201d ago

Nope, not a spoiler at all. Just be thankful that you didn't come across the ending to Halo 4 through the TITLE of a forum thread on NeoGAF like I did...those guys are the real assholes.

josephayal2201d ago

this had touch my heart, I cry just a little bit

spicelicka2201d ago

That's why its so interesting, the most unsual theme between the most unsual pair of characters told in an unsual way, backed up by one of the most epic backstories and universes. Wayyyyyyy better than crappy military stories most shooters go for.

deantak2201d ago

Agree. Otherwise, I've had enough of space marines.

wita2201d ago

This actually makes me want to play Halo again. Refreshing.

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