Defending Call Of Duty

GameInformer- It isn't perfect, but the hate directed towards the industry's most successful franchise is entirely unjustified. Here's why.

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knowyourstuff2266d ago

Is it any wonder why people hate it? Because it's popular, that's why. It's the hipster attitude.
Activision doesn't need anyone defending Call of Duty so long as it's making them over a billion dollars a year.

Blacktric2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Yes, that's surely the reason why most people hate it...


Also is it really that surprising to see GameInformer defend CoD? I mean they had CoD 4, MW 2 and more recently; Black Ops 2 as their cover titles.

StanLee2266d ago

Call of Duty doesn't need defending. It's detractors are the minority. Every year gamers speak with the purchases. The huge numbers who continue to support the online communities are an indication of the games' continue popularity. THIS.IS.A.FACT.

MikeMyers2266d ago

The only reason I can up with on attacking the Call of Duty franchise is because it over-saturates the market making it difficult for anyone else to compete. However that is why we have a free market, it pushes others to do better.

The simple fact is the Call of Duty games will get dissected much more from the critics than most games because of its popularity. What I find rather amusing is how often these critics take the time to vent about it when all they really have to do is ignore them and move on.

come_at_me_bro2266d ago

Are you serious? Call of Duty outsells every single game annually. The last thing it will ever need is defense.

robavila952266d ago

I've played every COD since COD2, and I can assure you the franchise is being milked to the fullest. COD4 was great, WaW was just a re-skin, and MW2 successfully expanded the multiplayer experience. Every COD after MW2, however, has been a half-assed attempt to "innovate COD". The reason it's so popular is that the amount of new players that buy the latest COD is greater than the amount of players that quit it.

People defending COD are most likely newer to the series. With all the gimmicks the newer CODs have, it's easy to attract a lot of new players. All of my friends who played since COD4, however, agree that the franchise has gone stale.

caperjim2266d ago

I have to say that MW2 was the worst in the series. They took a "tactical" game and made it into a killstreak spectacle. The call of dutys before and after MW2 were more balanced.

Majin-vegeta2266d ago

The hate is justified.Cod is nothing more than a half assed reskinned game every year and it always has the same problems with every game every year.

badz1492266d ago

what it needs is some smacking!

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The story is too old to be commented.