Halo 4 campaign theater and clan support may be added later

XMNR: While Halo 4 garners positive reviews leading into its release on November 6, there are some features in the Xbox 360 game that are missing. 343 Industries explained their absence in a bulletin posted Friday along with leaving open the possibility of their addition later.

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josephayal2175d ago

i don't know how long I've been waiting for Halo 4

Sovereign592175d ago

This is the first disappointing news I've heard of Halo 4. I've always loved being able to watch and make films of campaign mode. Ah well, hopefully it will be added in later. I'm still really looking forward to the game.

TENTONGUN2175d ago

gonna miss these and firefight. oh well

Hufandpuf2175d ago

That lady types like Cortana would...

AbyssGravelord2175d ago

That's what they said about Halo 3 and they never added clan support :(

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